You Are Not Skinny You Are Smart and Stylish

A recent study uncovered that man has been more concerned about their good looking appearance than ever – what do you think is more imperative? Is it the fashion or the fitness that is obligatory? Many men are under this fake impression that the more fashionable and stylish you are the more handsome you look. Dear men take this blog as a warning before blow! Fashion without fitness stands nowhere on earth. One has to be fit to stand out. How would you feel if an unwell person is dressed up in the most fashionable and expensive dress? You have heard health is wealth… That’s correctly said I must say.

You Are Not Skinny You Are Smart and Stylish

When we talk about health it goes for equally physical and mental health. A mentally disturbed man will never look amazing, fashionable and stylish even if he has dressed himself up adequately. The real point is praising! If they call you skinny don’t bother yourself You Are Not Skinny You Are Smart and Stylish.


Many people think those who are overweight are only healthy ones and the rest of the thin and skinny people are anguish from some kind of food problem. Life is so unjust! People comment you on being overweight and when you are skinny you are being mocking as some grass hopper. This goes out to all the skinny people who are under complexes with their outlook. You know physique is all about having some propensity. It’s more connected to your genes. Skinny people are the smartest one that’s what a survey discovered.


It was talked about that fat people are flat to trouble thinking. Their mind works slowly due to the occurrence of unwanted fats on brain cells. It is factual that brain cells are made up of fats but the glut of anything makes things shoddier. It seems that skinny people have more ratios of good looks than the overweight people. You just don’t have to worry about anything before wearing any dress. Yes they do have to remember their physique to shun wearing fitted dresses but that’s not a difficulty because men frequently do not wear fitted clothes. As for wearing short sleeved shirt or T-shirts you don’t need to worry again. To make your muscles look attractive and prominent, just fold the sleeves of your T- shirt once. Skinny men are also confident about eating anything when they hangout with friends.


You basically don’t have to be diet-conscious. Also it has been experimental that skinny people are more rapid, quick and sharp. They tend to be more moving and active than overweight people. A study helps the argument that skinny men are also more self-assured and confident. And you know already that a dress or style worn with confidence is the best style. Nonetheless, skinny people are always free to augment their weight by eating fruit and nuts shakes because limits are never chosen!

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