The most inspiring man on earth: WWE superstar The Rock

WWE Superstar the Rock

A few years ago Kevin Lamar was considerably overweight and stressed. He even played with suicide after many failed attempts to get his life and weight on track. But all that is returned when Lamar had the chance to work one-on-one with actor and former WWE superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Lamar was a big fan of Johnson; it was like a dream come true. He established a personal workout routine based on The Rock’s own… and after 8 months, he says he is looking like a Normal guy. The Rock says it is beyond said Lamar is now a stud. Here is what The Rock says…

It goes out of the company for years, struggling against depression and desperate and suicidal feelings. Kevin Lamar met me halfway and put in the hard work. This photo was taken 8 months ago – I just saw this man for the first time since then. Wait until you see what he did with his life on our new transformational show.

Rock’s work with Lamar was part of a new TV show from the creators of The Biggest Loser. He called Wake up Call and premieres on TNT on December 12. Each episode will feature Johnson whip people into shape and help them achieve a certain goal. If the rock can push these people as hard he pushed the Hercules movie, they should be fine in no time. You are reading The most inspiring man on earth: WWE superstar The Rock.

If you see a little trailer for the show on YouTube, there is a little taste of Johnson brings intensity to everything from Fast and Furious franchise to the fight in the squared circle.

The Rock is a machine of inspiration and if you want just a little dose of his early and intensely positive vibes… just check out his Twitter (TheRock) and Instagram. On Instagram, you are inundated with pictures of her work at 5 am and taunt you with #TeamBringIt hashtag. And his Twitter account is perhaps the only account in the spitting snarky zero existence whatsoever. It is a movie star, a guru & a professional sportsperson. This guy is not only a national treasure as far as we know it will perhaps also star in the upcoming National Treasure.

Here the full disclosure goes: My girlfriend and I like The Rock. We are also trying our best to figure out a way to turn this speech of his from a Monday Night Raw in our alarm clock.

So as The Rock tweeted about the new Star Wars, I’m quite. No snark. This guy is the best and cool. And while I’m pumped for Kevin Lamar and I’m as jealous. He came to experience the force of nature that is Dwayne The Rock Johnson close and personal. While we all have to straighten out for inspiration of the show.

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