What to do When you Can’t Sleep and are Bored

Sleeping is one of the things that gets easily disturbed even when you have a slight change in your routine and this can happen from things which may be as small as having a chocolate to depression. Most commonly, the issue that a person has when they can not seem to sleep is because they are hungry. Even when you can not feel this to be the case, your empty stomach can. This is the time when you should just try to have something light and try sleeping again. Eating a lot can make a person lethargic, so not eating can take a toll on your sleeping habits.

Another reason for you not being able to sleep could be that you may have taken caffeine in some from right before you went to bed. Caffeine is known to make a person feel more active and alert and intake of caffeine in any way or any form can make the person quite sleep deprived or unable to fall asleep. The same case is when a person takes sugar in excessive amount before they actually go to bed ends up keeping them up for hours. It makes a person so active and alert that the person could stay up more than they could ever have thought.

Can’t Sleep Thinking Too Much

If a person is feeling restless, regardless of what their issue may be, they will not be able to sleep. The key would be to relax the mind and the body before getting in bed to sleep. This will make sure that when the person actually ends up going to bed, they are able to sleep, even if it takes time. It is hard for a person to sleep if they are trying to do so on an empty stomach. It is one of the most common reasons for a person not being able to sleep. Have a light snack just so your systems have something to process and it will easily let you sleep properly.

Some specific medications can make a person stay up late. Some such medicines would be the supplements that people take who have a deficiency of vitamin c and iron or other such things. The medicines which are meant to give a person strength are mostly prescribed to be taken in the morning after a sound sleep. Taking these medicines before sleep would make a person feel quite active and they will not be able to sleep.

Depression is also among the most common reasons that keep people up. Overthinking and crying does not let people sleep. If this is the case, people are mostly advised to take ice cream or chocolate so that they can have enough sugar in their systems to put them to sleep. Another activity that helps a person sleep while suffering from depression is to watch satisfying videos or to play with stuff like slime and clay. This will help them escape the trap of being so terribly sad and they might actually go to bed quite relaxed.


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