Eating Whole Foods is Health and Exercise is Fitness

Whole Foods Benefits

Our body is always in running condition therefore, it needs proper maintenance and care to be healthy. The food is major element to keep us healthy and running. Regarding health, food comes first and exercise comes afterwards but never leaves one for each other.

Eating food after workout is good but eating whatever you want is totally wrong. Most of the people feel free to eat like cheeseburger and pizza or some heart stopping processed food.

 Eating Whole Foods is Health and Exercise is Fitness

Food = Health and Exercise = Fitness

This is awesome rule to be all fit. You should have good and proper food daily to be healthy, move your ass daily to be fit.

According to the Hippocrates, Food Is Thy Medicine. Eating good food, you’ll start feeling good and healthy. You’ll feel a better and new change in yourself. It will keep you away from health issues in future and possibly solve your running health issues.

Whole Foods – Good For Life

You should avoid packed or canned food; they don’t provide you proper nutritional value. Processed food is never real and it’s bad for your health. I know this is hard to avoid because of convenience level in eating processed food. But, your good health comes first and then convenience. Such convenient foods contain a lot of harmful ingredients and chemicals that can make your health down within the days.

Whole foods keep you healthy when you are on long journey. Traveling make people tired and possibly ill but if you eat whole food diet on regular bases you will remain in the condition you were in before at home. You should always remember to eat whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, lean proteins and legumes.

Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods are very helpful to nip diseases in the bud. All vegetables (especially green) make your body more and more Alkaline. Our body becomes overloaded with acids from foods like sugar, tea, meat and coffee or dairy items. Therefore, you need to eat salad and veggies even greens daily.

Preventative Living

Living preventative isn’t that hard until you educate yourself. With the passage of time you age and eventually your body starts becoming weak and weak. But if you watch your food it won’t let you down when you are old and will keep steady and strong. You will be sufficient care taker of yourself in future. So, this is the time for taking care of your body. Add more whole foods and alkaline in your diet. Stay happy and have fun but never compromise with your body care. Your body will be so great full and thankful to you, will feel lighter and energetic every time. You know what I mean by body? It’s you my dear.

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