Best Things to Do After Doing Exercise

What to Do After Exercise

What do you do after doing exercise or workout? If you ask me… I usually go home and sit on the sofa. Or if I exercise in the morning times, I take shower then change clothes and head to work.  Do those habits sound common?  If your answer is yes, it possibly means that you’re making one or more huge post workout recovery mistakes.

A strong post-workout schedule is necessary for most advantageous fitness. And if you are trying to lessen your weight your post-workout practice can make or break the accomplishment of your program. So for my own advantage and for the benefit of the readers of, I’m throwing the five prime post-workout recovery mistakes. These are Best Things to Do After Doing Exercise.

Best Things to Do After Doing Exercise

Eat Like You didn’t perform Exercise

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Post-workout food is important to maintain a fit and healthy body. So you need to know what is best to eat after doing exercise. Most experts advise that you take in a rational mixture of protein and carbohydrates in order to restore necessary nutrients that were gone during the exercise and workout and to aid in the recovery procedure.

But what do most of the people do…? We assume the exercise session as validation to overeat the wrong or even right foods.

If you’re trying to lose weight rapidly, a single post workout binge can totally undo the solid work you did in the gym. And then you won’t lose weight in this way. If weight-loss is your objective, the key to successful post-workout food is to Eat Like You didn’t perform Exercise. No doubt you should refuel appropriately.  But you shouldn’t overeat just because you worked hard at the gym.  Be aware of your food intake and include the calories from your post workout meal in your whole calories plan for the day.

Stretch In The End Of Exercise Or Workout


If you’re a smart exerciser in your area, you do stretching in the end of your workout. It’s because your muscles are warmed up and flexibility training is easier and more relaxed. But what do most of us do (Like myself)? We just skip the stretching part of our work out and take the shower promptly after exercise.

Stretching at the end of your workout is significant to maintain healthy muscles and joints and prevent injury. It is so if you are trying to lose weight flexibility like stress reduction and improved sleep. Ten to fifteen minutes stretching is always good.

Rest Like You Have Something in Your Pants

This is the post workout recovery mistake that I usually make most often and I’m damn sure you do too.  After you exercise or workout, you go for a restful recovery period on the couch or in a chair or even in bed. Sound familiar isn’t?  It’s kinda big mistake.

Post workout recovery and rest is fundamental. Your muscles require time to rebuild and your body requires time to loosen up. But you need to stay doing and active in this phase too for 2 reasons. First, if you continue to do simple movements, your joints stay more mobile and limber. And secondly you carry on burning more calories by NEAT concept that is also called non-exercise activity thermo-genesis.

Plan Like You Exercise for a Living

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What’s the most imperative post-workout recovery tool for you?  A pen or… a Smartphone thing, or calendar or whatever tool you use to make your to-do list for really important meetings and events. As you complete and finish your workout or exercise, you should plan your next session as if it is very important to do in your planning. By doing this, you can be sure that it will get done.

Of course, you’re not gonna want to schedule a plan to do the similar exercise or workout you just did. The greatest weight-loss workout plans occupy different types of activities like diverse durations and special types of training.  It’s smart to have a weekly work-out schedule in order to make sure it you get the correct quantity of exercise for weight-loss.  But as you finish your exercise, recheck that plan or at least confirm the details it so you know which workout is next on the to-do-list.

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