This Is Why You are Not Losing Weight – Dos and Don’ts

Weight Loss Tricks

Are you thinking of losing weight and thinking about the people who didn’t lose weight even after hard exercises? Well… they are on the wrong way and not losing weight because of some certain mistakes. You just need to avoid those mistakes to lose weight in real.

┬áThis Is Why You are Not Losing Weight – Dos and Don’ts

Avoid Wrong Diet

Have you ever thought to have same diet your friends or your favorite celebrities are having? Because you are seeing them losing weight? If yes then say No to them. Same diet may not suit your body too because of your different life style, needs and food preferences. You can chose your diet with the help of your medical background, diet history and emotional support.

Set Realistic Goals

Weight Loss journey is not that short, In the start of weight lose program people are likely full of excitement. Therefore they set unrealistic goals like they check daily if they are losing weight but face disappointment after seeing results in negative. Have patience, it doesn’t start very soon, set some realistic goals and be on your way.

Lack of Time Is Worst Excuse

Consistency plays main role in losing weight but most of the people are inconsistent in their exercise. Keep doing with routine if you are doing something to get proper and real results. Most of the fatties do on and off exercise with ‘no time’ excuse. Excuses have no finish line until you are alive. You have to find a way to make spare time for your own benefit.73% woman describe they don’t exercise because of their busy routine.

You Are Not Alone

Hanna Curlee is biggest wait loser through running and she said she also felt alone on her wait losing journey. She felt asking for help too but she realized that her family and friends are there and able to help her for completing this journey. It can be happen to you so just identify your needs and find your solutions in your friends at work, gym, college and church. Don’t be ashamed of sharing this with your family and friends you’re not doing anything wrong.

Count Your Calories

Whatever you eat you must have good estimate about calories you eat so that you couldn’t underestimate your food intake. Use this website ‘‘ to count calories in everything you eat. It also has mobile app.

Don’t Avoid Healthy Foods

Your ideal food may possess a few healthy ingredients but may be too high in containing calories and fats. You should also eat healthy foods but in moderation.

Stop Sitting All Day

Don’t stick to your office chair all the day and boost your NEAT to burn calories. Click here to learn about NEAT.

Don’t Enhance Your Food Intake Because Of Exercise

You will be hungrier for food than you were before during your wait lose journey. It’s because of exercise you perform so control yourself and stick to light amount of food.

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