All About Upgrading Existing Windows To Windows 10

Wait is over from Microsoft, it is time to upgrade your existing windows to Windows 10 which has been on aired. For the people who were not OK with Windows 8 interface, Windows 10 has familiar desktop back to the forefront. It may rock you with its new treats like Cortana which is kinda virtual assistant having the edge of removing bad memories of Internet Explorer. Stop worrying about its installation; it’s damn easy if you installed previous versions of Windows by yourself. This upgrade is totally free for the people who are running Windows 7 or 8 already.

All About Upgrading Existing Windows To Windows 10

First of all, your machine should not be slow and it must meet Windows 10 requirements. Don’t worry, they are minimal. Requirements are arduous. It just requires 1GHz processor and 1GB Ram with free space of 20GB in your hard drive. If you like to have 64-bit version the Ram will be 2GB.

Your machine is already beyond these requirements? Awesome. It’ll be easier if you already have reserved upgrade.

For the People Who Reserved Windows 10 Upgrade

It is more than easy in this way. In this option, files that are required for upgrade are supposed to be downloaded on your computer. You just need to find a notification from Microsoft, ‘Your Upgrade is Ready’ click on that to run the installer. It won’t take your enough time but 20 to 60 minutes. Time may be varying due to your PC and your own ability.

If You Didn’t Reserve Upgrade Already

Look for ‘Get Windows-10’ icon in your system tray, right below corner on your desktop. After clicking on that icon you can plan and install your thing if you possess qualified machine, or you can also reserve it for future use.

Being a smart user, always have back up before any installation. If you don’t know, free things are not always free… I mean, this free upgrading offer from Microsoft will be only for one year. Don’t you dare to wait until 30 July 2016 if you don’t have enough money to pay for Windows 10 upgrade.

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