World’s Most Risky and Unsafe Airlines to Avoid Travel On

Unsafest Airlines

The past couple of years have not been good for aircraft industry, at least not from a PR viewpoint. From the failed landing of Asiana flight# 214 in behind 2013’s year, to the deadly crashes of not one but two Malaysia Airlines in 2014 and to the disastrous loss at sea of an Indonesia Air-Asia plane just a few months back, it looks like there’s a foremost plane crash every time you move to the news.

World’s Most Risky and Unsafe Airlines to Avoid Travel On

The good news is that in spite of how unsafe flying might seem to be but worldwide aviation safety continues to get better, on the whole, year-over-year. The bad news is that none of the world’s most hazardous airlines make headlines which mean you may unintentionally board one of their planes without even knowing.

Lion Airline by Indonesia, one of world’s Most Unsafe Airlines

lion airline

even though Indonesian Air-Asia has come under a great deal of inspection since flight # QZ8501 crashed in behind 2014’s year, it is not Indonesia’s most risky, even if its overall safety rating puts it off from ever flying to the USA or European Union State, this is a commonly shared ban among fellow Indonesian carriers Garuda Indonesia, KALstar Aviation & Sriwijaya Air.

Nope, that doubtful honor goes to Lion Air from Indonesia, who has suffered many colossal losses during its time in operation of flying, even if only one of them ever made main headlines.


Nepal Airlines By Nepal, one of world’s Most Unsafe Airlines

Nepal Airlines By Nepal

It’s hard not to have understanding for pilots who land jets in Nepal State, what’s about the Himalayas being there and all, some planes are bound to be fewer lucky than others. This is unluckily true not only anecdotally but in actuality also, with Nepal Airlines in meticulous being dangerous.

Having experienced almost a dozen deadly accidents in the past three decades… in spite of a comparatively modest flight timetable, Nepal Airlines gets just one star out of a possible seven from website, a website which ranks airline protection using a number of metrics.


Kam Air by Afghanistan, An Airline to avoid to experience

Kam Air by Afghanistan, An Airline to avoid to experience

The only thing less possibly than having heard about Kam Air is having the opportunity to fly it based in Afghanistan region, Kam Air is not an airline the normal backpacker would fly now-a-days, except that backpack is owned by the U.S. military. Kam Air has only been in operation for almost ten years, but has already experienced mortal accidents resulting in more than 100 traveler deaths. You are reading World’s Most Risky and Unsafe Airlines to Avoid Travel On.

Tara Airline from Himalaya region of Nepal to Avoid


Tara Air upholds just as low a profile at all, internationally saying, as Kam Airlines, although it is operated in Nepal instead of Afghanistan. Even if only one Tara Air flight has resulted in passenger victims, the airline has existed for six years only, which elevates some solemn questions about its overall safety.


Scat Airlines by Kazakhstan is not safe to travel on


SCAT is Kazakhstan-based Airlines; name doesn’t do it any favors even if you accept the fact that its name is a short form for something rather inoffensive: Special Cargo Air Transport. Unluckily, Air record of SCAT is just as stinking as what you think of when you first hear its name but not because of how many lethal crashes it’s suffered since it started operations in 1997.

Somewhat, the European Commission’s decision to blacklist SCAT stalks from an generally lack of confidence in its regulatory processes which has fallen onto other Kazakh airlines.

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