5 Insights To Learn From Unfriendly Relationships

So much thought and energy now goes into recognizing and removing sources of toxicity to stop it from entering your body.


Watch Out Egoism in People

Recognizing narcissism in people is sometimes hard to do but it’s significant to beware of this, because being married to one is even harder. By definition and for relationships, narcissists are complete disaster.

Relationships are back and forth, merging of souls and lives. If one person is in it just for themselves, it will be a slow and painful life. So beware of such people.


Test Your Family & Friends

If she’s not fair with people you’re closest to then it’s probably a bad sign. Your close ones know what you need in a perfect complement for life. If it seems that she interacts with your close circle of family and friends, it’s perhaps best to give them the benefit of the doubt and harshly question the durability of this relationship.


Human Nature Can’t Be Changed At the Core

People truly don’t change at the core. They are brought and learn a series of principles, beliefs and a certain approach to life. Aspects of that can adjust if they are devoted to positive personal growth but more likely than not… they won’t do a whole 180 from what they have been up until now.


Feel Empowered Being With Her

You are awesome and great when you are alone but feels demotivated and insecured because she hits you from your insecurities and bringing you down, just run. Both of you, when together, must amplify each other’s qualities. Together we grow.


Go With Your Guts

Go with your guts, overall. If she doesn’t complete you and doesn’t make you a better person or she doesn’t make you feel amazing then just cut the crap, it’s not a big deal. There should be a limit on chances you give her to be right with you.

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