Amazing and Awkward Facts to Know If You Travel On Plane

Travelling on a plane these days is as frequent as moving on a bus even if the security system for the former is considerably more complex than for the latter.

The next time you board a plane it might never happen to you that you’re inside a hassled tube roaming at hundreds of miles/hour though air that’s too thin to inhale and so cold it would freeze you in seconds if you were openly uncovered to it and that’s just one example of so many Amazing and Awkward Facts to Know If You Travel On Plane.

Amazing and Awkward Facts to Know If You Travel On Plane

70000 Planes in the Air at Once

Shocked? Moreover, I’m talking about just USA not the whole world yet.

Almost 20 Flights/Day Between London and New York

This figure is just for JFK and Heathrow airports if you include Gatwick and Newark flights the 20 reaches almost 30 flights per/day.

This is Still Not World’s Busiest International Air Route

Hong Kong and Taipei carries more than three times as many as travel between London and New York. This is busiest international air route.

The Average Plane Flies at 35,000 Feet

This is almost 7 miles above the earth.

Speed in the Air is about 550 Miles per Hour

This speed is almost 10 times faster than the plane speed on highway.

Outside Temperatures is Around -65ºF

You won’t find such cold anywhere on the earth at any time you like.

Air Traveling is Greener Than You Think

Yes you know the wrong; planes are not like emissions factories. It’s just 2% of humans annual CO2 emissions.

Getting Greener Day By Day

Now-a-days planes are 70% more fuel efficient than the old jets.

They Ready More Than 100,000 Meals/Day

I’m talking about only Singapore’s Changi Airport. Most of the international airlines give meals for free.

Almost all the international Airlines charge you everything even in economy-class ticket

Whether you buy a business-class ticket or economy-class ticket, there are some certain charges you have to pay like fuel surcharges, security fees, departure taxes and all other hidden costs.

Aviation is also a Safest Way of Travel

Putting rare and big incidents like Malaysia Airline lost aside and even 24 of every 1 million flights experienced fatal crash with almost 750 deaths. On the other hand, 1.3 million people lose their lives in road accidents every year.

Luggage Scenario

According to the Wall Street Journal airlines misplaced 21.8 million bags in 2013. And still bags are big source of income for airlines.

Almost 20 Flights Took Off While You Finish This Article

From the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

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