Think Again, are you working to live or living to work

When you are living to work

Some people say that they live to work. It’s easy to say that their center of life on their work or career and success in their profession, is an important source of satisfaction and meaning in their lives. Money may or may not be a most important inspiration for these people. In some cases achieving huge levels of remuneration, as is the case with many senior business executives as CEO, is more coveted as a way to score points and prove your value relative to other people whether for money itself.

Think Again, are you working to live or living to work

When you are working to live

In contrast, others work to live. These people see their work or career largely work whose aim is to earn a living. Their genuine interests lie elsewhere and their work or their careers are only means to an end not an end in itself. Some of such people try to cut corners to earn the maximum salary to the minimum of effort. Others take effect very proud of their work and worked hard to do their job but their jobs are just not the center of their lives.


You need to know yourself man

It is important to understand that you are basically a live to work or work to live type of person. This will allow you to develop realistic about expectations for yourself, and choose careers and employers accordingly. For most high-performance excelling in demanding careers such as these are people who live to work. You are reading Think Again, are you working to live or living to work.

Well… Circumstances Have Your Answer

Also recognize that the response for a given individual can vary depending on the situation. Examples abound of people who lose their native passion for work because they cannot find a suitable position or pay in their chosen fields of activity. When they set up jobs in other areas, they often strictly emphasizes on benefits such as compensation. Meanwhile, as many examples exist of people who used to work for a living, but after a career change begin to live to work. Often, such a change is facilitated by the retirement and / or reaching a level of savings that greatly relaxes the requirement to follow a career mainly because it pays well.


Men should have Realistic Expectations

Not only is it important to know, but also to understand the nature and requirements of the career you decide to pursue, as well as an employer with whom you decide to sign. Too many people guess something like 9-5 routine unrealistic enter careers that are nothing like this… often with disastrous results.


Likewise, family members with no real understanding of what is a very demanding profession, may encourage you to continue, based on the salary and the prestige associated with it, then be angry that you have little time implies for them as a result. Indeed, in many live to work career, your time is your own rarely. This may also be true if you are high or low in the hierarchy of your business. In this case, you need to straighten out the priorities of the family, and educate family members about the inevitable compromises in life and career. You were reading Think Again, are you working to live or living to work.

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