If You Afford, You Must Experience These Super Cars Before You Die

Super Cars in the World

There is nothing like such feeling of several hundred horsepower at and pounds of torque at your feet. That mixture of speed & power provides a rush that your everyday driver just can’t match. Even if you have the annual income to pay for the sticker price & insurance and maintenance on these super-cars… there is a waiting list a mile long for many of these extremely sought-after super cars, both new and used. Luckily, for those of us who are not enough rich, high quality rental outlets and striking driving experience corporations exist to bring us nearer to the experience of driving one of these dream-rides. Even though there are quite a few wonderfully crafted vehicles that fall under the supercar name, there are a few that are so extra special that If You Afford, You Must Experience These Super Cars Before You Die. Following are those angles.

Yes of course, this car seen gliding between skyscrapers in Fast and Furious 7 in fact exists. Dubai-based W Motorsports crafted the Hypersport. The company is allocated as the first Arab supercar automaker but the Lykan was in reality from Italy and Germany. Geographic confusion out-of-the-way, the Lykan Hypersport is the essence of supercars, topping out at 245 MPH with a 750-hp turbo-boxer engine.


The objective of the designers was to manufacture a car that combines luxury and sportiness and it succeeds on mutually fronts thanks to apparent supremacy and power and over-the-top touches like gold-stitched interior and diamond-encrusted LED-headlights. Only seven of these angles were made and astonishingly they have all been sold… even with a worth of $3.4 million. Other real angels are given below in pictures.


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