It’s Not About The Pick Up Lines But How You Express Them

Any woman can judge you through the way you talk to her. You can’t impress or convince her for anything even by the best lines you know already, if you didn’t express those lines in an as appropriate way as you can. When talking to a woman, it’s not about what you say but how do say it. There are a lot of people like me who starts stammering when they talk to the stranger women. This thing doesn’t leads to any interesting relationships and finally she leave the conversation in the mid and leaves.

It’s Not About The Pick Up Lines But How You Express Them

Being confident is being best guy for any woman. No doubt, you should go for pick up the best lines from any source but every effort goes fruitless to grab her in first meeting when you express those pick up lines in awful way. Therefore, with looking for funny pick up lines you should also rehearsal at home how to say them to your desired lady. Most of the people express their feelings in appropriate words but when they are saying, it looks like they are speaking some kind of lesson they learned in their previous school classroom. It is best time to utter your pick up lines when you completely know how to say it.


If you’re going to come close to a strange or some random female, what you say is not nearly as imperative as how you utter it. Believe me, she’s almost certainly heard it all, so unless you’ve rediscovered the wheel when it comes to what to say, you should own what you are going to say.


Using a confident and low-stakes approach will fare far better with her than a stammering, insecure delivery. So, make sure you dust off your A-game and say your pick up lines with complete ownership.

Your Best is:

Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?


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