We Should Be In a Relationship Or Single – A New Study

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Because most of us think that being single is far better than being married. And there is lot of difference between being single and being alone.

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The study solved the matter or even you can say that they told the reason why people choose to stay single. They describe that people stay single and happy because they think that they can’t handle conflicts with others.

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Many single people claim to be happy being single because of avoiding argument, drama and even passive aggressiveness that come with relationship. Smug couples think that single people pretend to be happy to hide their fear of dying alone in a room making their own cup of coffee. Because, death doesn’t always come with warnings, it can eat you anytime whether you are the healthiest person on earth.

According to many past studies, couples are happier than singles but this latest research in New Zealand says otherwise.

The research leader, Yuthika Girme says that I agree single people are not happier than people in relationships. But, this is not true for every single.


His study found that people who are not social to stay away from confrontation and conflicts at any cost are happy enough like those who are in relationships with frequent quarrels.


Stop thinking about the cancellation of date with your beloved, because it’s not the same for every single. Single who were part of the study and don’t give a damn about issues and conflicts were reportedly less happy than their mates with marriages.

So the conclusion we should learn from is that people enjoy and are happier being in a relationship and you don’t need to avoid marriage or dates but scratch out your own eyes and say her to be on her side of the bed and you just stick to your own.

What about those who want to be alone to avoid sharing food with others. Aren’t they awkward?

Being single to avoid relationship issues is British way life. Are they living happy?

The reason of conflicts is not marriage or relationship but money.

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