Relation and Difference Among ISI, IB and MI

There are three agencies in Pakistan that are providing intelligence service to the Pakistani government for security reasons. These are Inter-Services intelligence, intelligence Bureau and Military Intelligence. These are called ISI, IB and MI respectively. ISI is the largest one of them. It is established in 1948 after the Pak-Indo war. IB and MI were set-up promptly after the 1947 war and both agencies was founded in 1947. These are established to entertain the Pakistan Armed Forces. All the three branches of Pakistan Armed Forces are being facilitated by IB and MI. Afterwards, to meet some more requirements Government felt to find another intelligence agency which could work independently.

Relation and Difference Among ISI, IB and MI

So the ISI came into existence in 1948, fulfilling the weaknesses of IB and MI, and filled the gaps among the three heads Pakistan Armed Forces. ISI also provided the services to Afghanistan forces against the union and especially it fortified the military intelligence. Now there is perfect coordination is going on among the Army, Air Force and Navy in Pakistan. The world accepts that Pakistan has good armed forces and it is due to ISI. Better coordination among all the departments is strongly recommended for the success of any company and ISI made it happen for the Pakistan forces. After the commencement, ISI set the personnel of Pakistan Armed Forces. ISI nominated several responsible officers for the Military for the betterment of Pakistan. Now all those officers are being facilitated by ISI. The slogan of ISI is Displine, Unity, Faith and its jurisdiction is under the government of Pakistan. The headquarters of the ISI is situated in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. The director of the ISI is Zaheerul islam who is appointed by the mutual consent Chief of Army Staff and the Prime Minister. He has a military family background. His father and brothers provided their services in the Military. The ISI has eight different departments and nine notable directors excluding Zaheer-ul-Islam. The ex director of ISI was Ahmed Shuja Pasha.

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