Difference Between Regular Yogurt and Greek Yogurt

You would love the nutritional profile of Greek yogurt than a girl’s profile on Facebook. There are only two reasons for any food item people love them for. These are Taste and hygienist; some food items have both facts. Yogurt is one of the Food items that are liked because of its richness in providing good health. Taste is not very special but the yogurt is a sign of good health and it is the one of food items that made with milk only. No any other natural or self made food material is added in the making of yogurt and this is the only reason people like to eat it. It is generally said, we should

 Difference Between Regular Yogurt and Greek Yogurt

Eat yogurt before eating anything mean to say eat it having an empty stomach. Yogurt can easily be eaten because of its availability in tetra packs. Secondly, now it comes in many flavors like banana or mango yogurt. Yogurt is made of milk and milk includes whey also, so when the yogurt is created it has water too that was the part of milk. Cheezpaper is used to drain that water off. Normal yogurt is drained twice but the Greek yogurt is drained three times which makes it more absolute and pure than normal yogurt. Carbohydrates are those organics that develop obesity in humans. Normal yogurt has more carbohydrates than Greek yogurt so Greek yogurt helps you out to be slim and it also facilitates the diabetic patients who keep an eye on volume of carbohydrates. Therefore it is the best food for diabetic patients who want good health and enough energy without increased level of sugar. Heart and high blood pressure patients can also get advantage from Greek yogurt because it has a very low amount of Sodium. If normal yogurt makes you healthy then Greek yogurt makes you healthier because Greek yogurt has a double volume of proteins. You will find it costly than a normal yogurt. Well… all reason aside the best yogurt is that yogurt which is available to you when you really want to eat it. 😛

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