Top 11 Recommended Accessories to Carry on Journey

Travel Accessories

Whether you’re traveling for business or time off, there are several things that can make the experience a lot more agreeable. We found 9 of the best goods to make getting there and enjoying your stay more cool, stress-free and functional.

 Top 11 Recommended Accessories to Carry on Journey

A beautiful Notebook

Our Suggestion: The Moleskine Classic-Notebook

Travel isn’t all about having technology gadgets only… at the end of the day it is about making lasting memories. If you’re the kind of man that likes to record those precious memories the old-fashioned way then a pleasant notebook is the great travel companion. Moleskine’s Notebook’s are classy and reasonably priced. This one in specific sports a cardboard bound title cover having acid free paper and a bookmark.


RFID-Blocking Wallet

Our Suggestion:  DataSafe Nappa Leather RFID Shielding Security Wallet along with Phone Pocket attached

Safety is dominant fact at all times but particularly when traveling. Because of pickpockets you also have to beware of identity thieves who concentrate in cloning your credit cards or things like that. And there is nothing shoddier than being in an unusual place and not having entrée to your money. DataSafe wallet chunks radio frequencies to avert wireless theft. The Nappa Italian leather wallet has a lot of pockets for receipts, cards and even passports. Existing on Amazon in $59.99



Our Suggestion:  Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim shades are nice and durable as well. They are designed in such a way that it can be wearied for taking in the sights or doing something excessive. Its lenses are sea water safe and treated to protect against wind speed and wreckage and stop 99% of glare. Maui Jim presents a broad variety of temple sizes for the guys who have different shaped and sized heads. All pairs are available with a case and cleaning cloth.

Existing on Amazon in different prices


Pain Killers

Our Suggestion:  Panadol Extra

The Panadol Extra is also one of the Top 11 Recommended Accessories to Carry on Journey. Unexpected things may happen anywhere and your health comes first in this regard. If your health is good then everything seems good. Bad health may ruin your trip therefore you should have some kind medicines or pain killers to avoid the hassle of finding a doctor on the go. Panadol Extra gives you relief from the pain that is stronger than ordinary paracetamol.

Existing on Amazon in cheap prices


Tablet PC

Our Suggestion:  iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is one of the most excellent tablets available now-a-days. The combination of power, speed or long battery life and size make it ideal for your journey. No doubt, I agree that many other tablets are out there with better resolution and camera but iPad Mini remains at the top of the heap of small tablets and thanks to its simplicity of use and available apps. Whether you are connected through LTE or Wi-Fi, never be worried about staying connected.

It is available on Apple Store in $244.99 (16GB)


The Travel Adapter

Our Suggestion:  eBoot Universal All-In-One Power Adapter Charger

With above mentioned product you will never have to be bothered about having the right plug adapter again. This small gadget works in over one-fifty countries. It works with all portable and non-grounded gadgets and devices from iPod’s to smart phones to your electric toothbrush. It is available in blue black and orange and it is available with a pouch for carrying more than one fuses.

Existing on Amazon in $18.99


Mophie Charger

Our Suggestion:  Mophie PowerStation XL

Finding electric sockets in airports or foreign region is a total uproar and anxiety. This portable charger reserves enough power to charge your smart phone upto 8 times. With the help of 12,000mAh battery capability, the PowerStation XL is powerful and influential, speedy and can charge almost anything that accepts a mini-USB cable. Plus it weighs under a pound that makes it easy to take anywhere.

Existing on Amazon in $124



Our Suggestion:  Sony DSC-RX100

Capturing moments with a DSLR camera generates epic images but lugging it around can be an annoyance. The Sony RX100 helps solve that issue by merging many of the features of a much more costly camera into a small point and shoot body. This camera takes epic shots even in low light through its 20.2MP CMOS sensor. Another great feature is that you can also shoot videos in full 1080P HD, watch playback on the 3” LCD screen afterwards.

Existing on Amazon in $448


Luggage Tracker

Our Suggestion:  Trakdot Luggage Tracker

Top 11 Recommended Accessories to Carry on Journey also includes Your personal luggage tracking technology that isn’t full proof measure but it is better than leaving your stuff to the devices of the airlines staff. Trakdot works with an app that is available for iPhone and Android users to track luggage. Simply put device in your bag and activate the app and a text sent to your smart phone lets you know when and where your luggage lands.

Existing on Amazon in $78


Carry-On Luggage

 Our Suggestion:  Ground-Mod Laptop, Craft Edition

The Mod Laptop is a excellent computer bag for voyage and trip and even everyday use. The gorgeous toffee-leather color tote is as useful as it is modish. There are bunch of pockets for anything you need to grip business while on the go from tablets and chargers to pens and money. The Mod bag is especially designed to lodge laptops up to the size of a 15” MacBook Pro.

Existing on Amazon in $575



Noise Canceling Headphones

Our Suggestion:  PSB M4U 2 Noise Canceling Headphones


PSB is acknowledged more for loudspeakers than headphones, but they have interpreted their proficiency at the previous into moveable noise cancellation headphones that rival their more admired competitors. They are just lightweight and foldable which makes them easy to take around via train, airplane or automobiles. One very exciting feature the hi-fi cans boast is the double headphone jack that allows you to plug in the cable in the left or right cup to start on listening. The long battery life of the M4U 2 headset is also useful facility. After 55 hours of playtime in noise cancellation or active mode, you can also switch to passive mode and go on the party.

Existing on Amazon in $299

M4U 2 Fold PSB

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