World’s Mysterious Disappearances of Multiple Planes up-till Now

Mysterious Disappearances of Planes

The search continues, after the one year of disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The past of aviation is littered with strange disappearances like that of MH370. Numerous planes have vanished apparently into thin air while flying over the well-known and legendary Bermuda Triangle and others have gone astray only to resurface in glaciers decades later. The causes of World’s Mysterious Disappearances of Multiple Planes up-till Now have differed too… from sabotage and espionage to simple accidents. For some of them, we’ll never know for sure.

World’s Mysterious Disappearances of Multiple Planes up-till Now

Inexplicable Disappearance of GLENN MILLER’S PLANE in 1944

A famous bandleader of the band era, Glenn miller joined the army air force band in 1942 and performed for the troops during world war ll. In December 1944, Millers was set to fly from Great Britain to Paris, but his UC-64 Norseman disappeared in bad weather over the English Channel


Inexplicable Disappearance of FLIGHT 19 in 1945

In one of the events that helped popularize the Bermuda Triangle, a flight of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers disappeared after flaying east from Fort Lauderdale. Even stranger, one of the planes sent to search for the bombers also disappeared. No wreckage was ever found.


Mysterious Disappearance of STAR DUST in 1945

The British south American Airways airliner Star Dust crashed in the Andes Mountains on a flight between Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile, taking six passengers and a crew of five with it. The remains of the aircraft remained undiscovered for more than 50 years, until they were discovered in a glacier in the 1990s.


Mysterious Disappearance of THE STAR TIGER in 1945

Another BSAA flight, the Star Tiger, disappeared without a trace near Bermuda, Triangle. No certain reason for the plane’s disappearance has been given, and no remains have ever been found.



Mysterious Disappearance of THE STAR ARIEL in 1945

Yet another BSAA flight, an Avro Tudor Mark IVB aircraft just like the Star Tiger, the Star Ariel went down between Bermuda and Jamaica. The cause of the accident is unknown, through a former BSAA director claimed both the Star Tiger and Star Ariel crashed were due to sabotage. You are reading World’s Mysterious Disappearances of Multiple Planes up-till Now.


Mysterious Disappearance of B-47 STRATOJET in 1956

In March 1956, one of four Boeing B-47 Stratojets flying from Florida to Morocco disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea. The B-47 carried two capsules of nuclear weapons material, but not enough to cause an explosion. Neither the plane, the crew, nor the nuclear material were ever found


Mysterious Disappearance of FLYING TIGER LINE FLIGHT 739 in 1962

A us military charter transporting 96 servicemen from California to Vietnam, this Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation aircraft disappeared between Guam and the Philippines. The crew of a Liberian tanker reported seeing a flash in the sky and a fireball at the time of the aircraft’s disappearance, meaning the flight most likely exploded in air.


Mysterious Disappearance of EGYPT AIR FLIGHT 990 in 1999

This Boeing 767-300ER went down in the Atlantic Ocean en route to Cairo from Los Angeles. No reason has ever been given for the crash, but theories range from terrorists to the CIA. The national transportation safety Board determined the crash to be deliberate action on the part of the flight’s first officer.


Inexplicable Disappearance of AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 in 2009

In june 2009, Airbus A330 carrying 216 passengers from Rio de Janeiro to paris entered an aerodynamic stall and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all aboard in the deadliest accident in the history of Air France. The craft’s black boxes were not found for two years, and 74 passengers remain uncovered.


Inexplicable Disappearance of MALAYSIA AIRLINES FLIGHT 370 in 2014

MH370 disappeared while flying from Kulala Lumpur to Beijing, somewhere over the South China Sea. A multinational search effort has yielded no sign of the missing Boeing 777-200ER. The MH370 disaster was the deadliest aviation incident in the history of Malaysia Airlines until the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 [also a Boeing 777] four months later.

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