Did you know these 8 High Quality Men Fashion Magazines

Men’s Fashion Magazine

You have to accept it; most guys are reluctant to hug fashion. The term itself has a connotation of tracks, makeup, and male models that act as Derek Zoolander. Yet, besides highlighting the ridiculously beautiful and there are some really high fashion publications that are worth visiting. As any top fashion art can be understood better when you look beyond the spectacle and escape.

No … these respected publishers do not expect to parade shirtless rocking a blazer with Dior mascara heavy eyelids, they do this kind of thing in order to provide a more artistic side of the clothing designed and push it Step outside of the realm of shops and street style in a surreal world.


In the field of men’s fashion, there are some publications that kill as much as their Japanese counterparts. In addition to beautiful editorials, they also do a good job of highlighting that designers are worth paying attention giving you recon you need to predict which designers or brands rappers like Kanye West and Kid Cudi will next. Think again, did you know these 8 High Quality Men Fashion Magazines?


Did you know these 8 High Quality Men Fashion Magazines


Numero in $16

Now in its 23rd issue, Numero Homme is the French answer to that menswear should be from season to season. Created by Elisabeth Djian, who started Numero because she was bored with magazines in general, she said. Mission to make the content more engaging print is found in male counterpart of publication.


Hercules in $ 24

Hercules Fashion Magazine

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, this publication regularly uses heavy hitting designers like David Vivirido Francesco Sourigues and Michele Alcalde which are not household names to you, but if you flip through the pictures of Hercules, you will get familiar with their crazy job. Whether it’s a single-breasted suit, a bright red costume, you can be sure how these geniuses put together the looks will make you want to experiment with your wardrobe.


Grind in $ 22

Issuance: Quarterly

Grind Fashion Magazine

Your one stop shop for everything cool happens in Japan with stories of fashion style with popular street-wear brands such as SOPHNET and uniform experience, with a hint of designer clothes Adam Kimmel and Engineered Garments. This is an excellent resource to learn about the entire Japanese designers foreground, and some cool brands that you might not know. You are reading Did you know these 8 High Quality Men Fashion Magazines



Vogue Hommes Japan in $ 12

Issuance: Semi-annual

Vogue Hommes Japan Fashion Magazine

We were talking about Vogue Hommes Japan, for the sake of pure editorial power. You might not be able to wear most of those looks on transportation but they make up for it with great pictures that really show the talent of the designer Nicola Formichetti and incredibly super stylist Panos Yiapianis. Finally you can interpret some of these looks more refined if you’re really sold on something, but it would take some pragmatic reinvention for street fashion.



Fashion For Men in $ 50

Issuance: Annual

Fashion For Men Fashion Magazine

It is basically a journal that you can buy each year and have a visual of an important part of men’s fashion. Milan Vukmirovic does everything like designing, editing, styling, photography & buying and he is damn good at doing all of these. A co-founder of Parisian boutique Colette, he also made time to Jil Sander and Tom Ford, and helped launch of L’Officiel Hommes in 2005 its latest publication, fashion for men, aims to be the bible fashion of choice for men. With own editorials shot by some of the best photographers in the game so you will definitely get your money’s worth: the annual volume is nearly the size of a book of quantum physics.



Another Man in $ 22

Issuance: Bi-Annual

Another Man Fashion Magazine

Founder of the magazine Dazed and Confused, Another Man is published by Jefferson Hack which means it got cool and written all over it. London based fashion stylist Alister Mackie and director praised works the majority of the shoots, which means you have a younger making and implementation on how to integrate the haute couture brands in your wardrobe.



Vogue Hommes International Paris in $ 19

Issuance: Semi-Annual

Vogue Hommes Japan Fashion Magazine

If you do not understand French, you might not be able to read what is happening in Vogue Hommes International… but their stunning editorials easily cross the language barrier. You will recognize countless faces as they take your favorite celebrities in the fresh air of the best tracks. Their more questions give James Franco the star treatment kitting actor jerseys smooth while giving it a casual look in a tank top for the cover.


Fantastic Man in $ 13

Issuance: Bi-Annual

Fantastic Man Fashion Magazine

Nope, a member of the Fantastic Four did not go rogue… pick-up a fashion habit, and create a magazine. Fantastic Man is published in Amsterdam and features editorials by Simon Foxton and Jodie Barnes, which means the fashion-creed is heavy, but the looks are wearable and desirable. The most recent issue has a huge read from ex-Jil Sander designer Raf Simons. You were reading Did you know these 8 High Quality Men Fashion Magazines

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