Men Fashion and Career Tips

Don’t forget wearing a tie when you are gonna ask for money.In the days of Mad Men Don Draper, business attire was simple: Suit and tie- hat and shiny shoes. No wonder this generation could invent such wonders as space travel and the automatic coffee maker: People were not distracted to find what to wear every morning. Today, the office looks more like the Star Wars cantina with slackers and dandies breathing the same air filtered cabin. Hence the continuing confusion, should I wear a tie to the meeting? It’s so simple: wear a tie every time you try to make money gravitate in another person’s pocket into yours.

Men Fashion and Career Tips

Be careful when wearing shoes, Black is basic but also boring color.If you’re dressed in black, then by all means wear black shoes. But if you wear blue-gray-beige or a combination of these brown shoes almost always look more sophisticated. There simply has more range of caramel chocolate brown. If you wear a belt … it should not be miss-matched. You are reading Men Fashion and Career Tips.


When you realize you need a haircut, everyone too. 
Figure out how long you should go between haircuts. Here is also an index; this interval will shorten as you age. Just ask Gary Busey. Plan ahead every 6 weeks or whatever works for your hair. If you wait until you need it then when you’re walking around looking like you need it? And the masculine style is to look like you do not need anything. You were reading Men Fashion and Career Tips.

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