How Your iPhone is Helpful in Emergency Situations

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Importance of having iPhone Medical ID in Health App

One of the most-useful features of iOS 8 is the Health application in this iOS and the framework that lets other applications share its Health-kit, data. Because of the applications you have installed on your iPhone that supply information to this application, Health can follow all kinds of info, such as your exercise and fitness, your blood pressure, the quality level of your sleep, and much more.

How Your iPhone is Helpful in Emergency Situations

One slight, but very imperative, feature of Health is Medical ID. This is the iPhone like of an emergency contact form that’s a file in your iPhone that provides relevant pharmaceutical, medical contact, and personal information that first res-ponders will need to help you if you’re in an emergency situation. So let’s read further How Your iPhone is Helpful in Emergency Situations.


In a condition where you need a Medical ID… you may be in some trouble already, so setting iPhone medical ID up now could help you later on.

You need Following to create iPhone Medical ID

An iPhone Smartphone running iOS 8 or higher

Start by tapping the Health app to open it

In the bottom right corner of the application, touch your iPhone screen on Medical ID

Initially you do this; you are gonna see a screen saying what it is about. Tap on Create Medical ID to go on.

Filling Out Your Medical Bio-data to go for iPhone Medical ID


Filling Out Your Medical Bio-data to go for iPhone Medical ID

Your Medical ID is a screen full of central information about your health and emergency. Because of this, creating Medical ID is as simple as filling out a form. Your options include following:


Show When Locked: This slider controls if your Medical ID can be viewed from the iPhone lock-screen or not. You may need this function enabled for emergency responders to entrée your information if your iPhone is secured with a Touch ID or Pass code. The flip side of enabling this is that everyone can who has physical admittance to your iPhone can also check out your Medical ID on your iPhone. Make the selection you’re at ease with. It’s on you.

Name and Photo: These will be pre-saved by information you have already stored on your iPhone. But, you still can change your name and the profile photo displayed.

Medical Conditions: If you have any medical circumstances that could be related for first responders in case of an emergency happens, tap this section, type them in and save.

Medical Notes: This segment is similar to Medical state of affairs, but is used for any other helpful medical notes.

Allergies & Reactions: If you have allergies or reactions to food or something else like medications, or even other things that could obstruct your medical handling, type them into this section.

Add Emergency Contact: Comprise the contact information for people or buddies who you want notify in case of an emergency. Keep in mind, if your Medical ID is visible from the lock-screen of you iPhone, anyone who possesses your iPhone will be capable to call these people through your connection or SIM card even without unlocking your phone. Nonetheless, you should almost certainly have some emergency contacts. To add your closed ones:

Touch your iPhone screen Add Emergency Contact. This shows up your address book

Find the person you want to add from your contact list and tap their names. You can only select contacts whose phone numbers are stored in your phone.

Blood Group Type: if you know your blood group, tap this option and select from the list of blood types or groups. Knowing your blood group is good.

You are reading How Your iPhone is Helpful in Emergency Situations.

Organ Donor: To specify your organ donor position, tap this option and select Yes or No.

Weight: Use this option to select your weight from the wheels.

Height: Tap it and tell your height status to your iPhone from the wheels.

After adding up all these information tap Done at the top right corner. Finally, your Medical ID has been created now and is available for emergency circumstances.


This is How You Check Your or Someone else Medical ID on iPhone


This is How You Check Your or Someone else Medical ID on iPhone

Wake your iPhone up through pressing Home or hold button to Swipe left to access the pass-code screen

Tap on Emergency at the bottom left

Tap on Medical ID that is also at the bottom left

This discloses the Medical ID belonging to the proprietor of the iPhone.

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