Job Holders Don’t Quit Jobs They Quit Bad Managers

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How you can ahead understanding the way office politics works

You might be astonished to learn that a latest Gallup poll of 7,200 American adults declares that over 50% of us have left their jobs because our bad manager. And the biggest issue was Communication or less communication.

Job Holders Don’t Quit Jobs They Quit Bad Managers

Survey’s findings pointed to manager-staff relationships as the most significant dynamic in the office. Workers whose managers held frequent meetings were 3 times possibly to be engaged and keen about their jobs. Employees also respond positively to management taking an interest in their personal lives and matters. A quarter of repliers said they don’t feel easy sharing personal matters with the person in charge.

It accentuates how important people skills are for managers at any level. Of the employees who told they felt capable to come within reach of their manager with anything they feel to discuss, more than half of them told they felt vigorously occupied with their job that figure plummets for those who don’t take pleasure in such an open-relationship with the manager or boss.

Setting priorities and goals is a dilemma too. Workers feel they’re provided little direction about what they should be doing or what they’re projected to do and those who have bosses who are more helpful and give more guidance end up being happier. The survey found, Clearness of expectations is perhaps the most fundamental and basic of employee needs and is very important to employee’s performance.

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In conclusion, staff wants to see good performance prized or rewarded and bad performance dealt with. For engaged employees… answer-ability means that all employees are held to approximately to the same standards and slackers will be exposed. So accountability means equity. Jim Harter from Gallup told the Wall Street Journal Personnel.

Luckily, if you’re a boss or manager, the key to a cheerful and happy group of workers is clear-cut… Ask them how they’re doing, how they feel working with you and tell them exactly what to do on what day.

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A latest Gallup poll states that white collar job holders or workers want better goal-setting and communication from the managers in charge of them. When we work with managers or bosses who are more concerned for our lives and easier to talk to then our satisfaction and productivity level goes up consequently.

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