You Should Know These Italian Brands to Be Fashionable and Stylish Man

Italian Fashion Brands

When we talk about Italian fashion and style for men, Elegance, Sophistication and Class are just a few of the words or terms that immediately pop up in mind. Home to some of the world’s premium designers and top fabric Makers, No doubt, Italy has earned itself such a high reputation in the world of menswear collection.

Regional industries and family-run businesses have supported the country keep its genuine flair for fashion living, permitting many brands to operate using the same conventional production processes today as they always have. Therefore, the country’s signature smooth artistic and across the timber devotion to greater quality continue to control supreme.

 You Should Know These Italian Brands to Be Fashionable and Stylish Man

But outside of the fashions and style industry’s household brands, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Parada Gucci – Other brands should also be in your mind. Increase your sartorial horizons, You Should Know These Italian Brands to Be Fashionable and Stylish Man that deserves their position in your wardrobe.


Tod’s is probably one of Italy’s major success stories. Today, the brand manufactures all of its shoes on home grass along with a stylish and sophisticated range of bags and accessories.



The brand now specializes in sophisticated separates and formal-wear for the more advanced and refined gent as well as presenting a complete made-to-measure service. It’s entire focus that has protected UK stockiest such as Selfridges and Harrods.



Incotex is recognized for its impeccably-cut men trousers & shorts and chinos which are commonly considered some of the best on the market.

Incotex calls itself as a Pioneer Brand of Smart-Casual Style… the brand uses the uppermost quality fabrics to turn out finest designs and fits at affordable prices. Incotex also produces a trouble-free selection of easy to wear tops.



This less typical Italian brand provides a daring edge to European style and trends, producing things and pieces for the contemporary man who wants to look pointed and stand out from the crowd.

From floral printed tuxedo jackets to graphic cotton shorts Brioni is not afraid of patterns and prints, but keeps outlines sleek for a modern finish.


Anderson’s receives appreciation for classic English style. Nevertheless, each belt is still hand-made in its Italian industrial units, mixing luxurious details with practical elasticized fabrics for a cool and relaxed finish.



Borsalino produced belts and then headwear, This Italian Borsalino, across the world, praised for its compilation of fine hats & other headwear and most exclusively its fedoras. Give a Try to its signature felt fedora for a piece that’ll work with both formal and casual looks.



At present time, the brand creates the impeccably-cut tailoring it has long been well-known for… beside more casual wears for daytime, enabling the discriminating gent to construct high quality attire that will flawlessly changeover from weekday to weekend.



Once it was a tailor for some of Italy’s major fashion houses. Boglioli came back to doing what it does best, creating high-end suits using customary techniques. Therefore, the brand is now one of the Italy’s most renowned for soft-shouldered tailoring.


L.B.M 1911

As a derivative and off-shoot of the classic Labium label, L.B.M. 1911 continues to rejoice the rich Italian legacy of its founding fathers.

Customary production techniques and Italy’s most excellent fabric mills remain part of the brand’s core today and treating men across the globe to timeless and first-class designs in contemporary and modern color-ways and prints.

Loro Piana

Loro Piana is now extensively considered the market head when it comes to ultra-fine merino wool pieces and cashmere, with its simple and timeless collections giving off everyday ease and stylishness.


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