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You should not answer this question like this;

I have the right qualifications for the job and I’m a professional. I’m waiting to get exposed to a work environment where I can utilize my skills and expand my knowledge. I have an ability to adapt to the environment and I want to enjoy doing my work. I am a quick learner and can excel both as a team and as an individual. So I think I’m the right person for the job.
Here’s a great pleasure for me to give the answer. As I am fresh I have no practical experience is the best thing to be successful.
But I am sincere, honest and intelligent worker who is required to be perfect. I cannot say that I am the best candidate for this position, but if you give me the opportunity, I can prove myself as an asset to your company.
First Sir as you know, I’m a cool so do have a criminal to show my uniqueness, but like other gentleman I have all these skills that are needed for this work. Best of me is that I can work in a work environment, have the ability to give positive output under stress can complete my task given by my punctuality, patience and level of sincerity time. Sir, you should hire me so I can prove my worth in the interest of your business.

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In cooler I have no work experience; I really need a job where I can improve my knowledge and skills as your business. It is a good company among all multinational companies and I would also be part of your business. I’m good team leader and if I decide that I will work everything to me how different and I am very possessive about my work.


 Best answer to Why should we Hire you

You should hire me because I’m damn good in things you mentioned under ‘Job Requirements’ head. I didn’t apply for this job without reading all your requirements a candidate should possess. I read all that in details. And this is not the only reason to hire me, I also meet those points you didn’t even required but preferred only. With all these things, I’m honest and smart-worker. I really don’t enjoy wasting time in any task my manager gives me to do. I also don’t demand for any high salary, I’m ready to do work against the salary you give me for one month, but after one month you will see that I deserve salary hike.

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