A Perfect Timing to Earn Free Money If You Have Account on LinkedIn

How to Make Money from LinkedIn

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Because Money is damn important to all of us, End of the discussion.

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As we know, LinkedIn is the social networking website for professionals, but the thing to know is, it has agreed to resolve a class-action lawsuit over its inclination to keep sending unauthorized e-mails to its users all over the world. Now get ready and claim your slice of the pie here. We don’t count it when it is free.

A Perfect Timing to Earn Free Money If You Have Account on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is that type of social networking website that people want to have account on but they don’t really want or need to use it, has settled to pay out $13 million for e-mail spamming to its users.

A class-action lawsuit sued that LinkedIn sends unauthorized e-mail reminders to its account holders about its “Add Connections” thing.

“Add Connections” prods its users to import the people added in their email contacts and robotically invites those contacts to join on LinkedIn. If an invitation is not acknowledged or accepted within a certain number of days, LinkedIn sends two reminder emails to aware the receiver that an invitation is still waiting.


The court discovered that LinkedIn users agreed to the company using their email contacts and forwarding invitations to connect on the site. Nonetheless, the court found the wrongdoing, users were never asked to agree to LinkedIn on sending reminders. This is the bug that made people earn free money.

LinkedIn repudiates any wrongdoing to the users. Though, the company reviewed its disclosures associated with “Add Connections” program to explain that it would send up to 2 reminders to the recipients for each connection invitation.

From the earning point of view for the company, if you have received an email from LinkedIn between September 2011 and October 2014 then you are good to go like you’ve hit the lottery. Lottery or whatever, It means you may claim somewhere around $10.

Yes, you are thinking right it’s not that much but we don’t count it when it is free and free from a spammer.

Depending on number of people who claim… nonetheless, the settlement could go as high as $1,500 per user (chances are very rare for this dessert). Make sure to claim your file before Monday, December 14, 2015.

Through this Question in Your Conversation:

Will numerous people really claim their portion of the settlement…?


This website must be banned for at least one year from using emails.

Another Reality:

Whatever is happened, this social networking site possesses 364 millions users.

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