Things To Prepare to Get A Job At Google Or Apple

How to Get Job in Google or Apple


Because almost everyone would love to working for a technology giant if the hiring process was known and easy.

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Both Google and Apple are well-known and fastest-growing tech organizations in the world and it seemed unworkable to land a job at both of them until now. Instead of getting to know what you’re competent at, both corporations want to get to know you first and you must be aware of how they hire people.

Things To Prepare to Get A Job At Google Or Apple

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Getting a job at Google and Apple isn’t as tough as it looks like. Well… it’s still hard, but if you follow the guidelines of their own programmers and leaders… the chances of you landing the performance of your dreams could increase considerably.

How does Google staff work for Google Company, you might ask? You’re not exactly going to send out your resume via email.

Known for its exceptional hiring practices using mysterious messages, programmer Max Rosett just scored a post working for the leading search engine in the world when he was asked to answer a question from a recruiting tool unseen in the Google’s website. It’s like solving a complex math question for Google, since the example reverberates with what the company does on a daily basis.

By typing in “python lambda function list comprehension,” Rosett triggered a reply from the company, which guided him to the super-secret invite-only address, where he finished a test before he tied up with the team.

Rosett spoke well of the undisclosed interview process stating the company’s goal was to recognize him before he had the chance to apply elsewhere. He also said he felt significant with respect to his privacy while excluding requests for his personal information. Company hasn’t confirmed the test as a recruiting tool. But, they offered one more cryptic message, which was “Puzzles are fun. Search on.”

Obviously, the company looks for precise candidates, those who behave and speak the same language before a meet-and-greet even happens. Google can surely tell you what type of a person you are just by using its search engine website. Weird, but competent and to the point.

But what about those people who never won at Clue or found out where in the hell Carmen Sandiego was hiding on website?

If you want to work for Apple Corporation which is the most money-making or profitable company on earth, you don’t need to worry about cracking the Da Vinci code. Nonetheless, its Senior Vice President, Angela Ahrendts wants you to make a long-lasting impression by being exceptionally personable and pleasant, team-oriented and challenging.

She analyzes you by looking at a set of areas of focus that contrast one another, like ME vs. WE, LEFT BRAIN vs. RIGHT BRAIN and IQ vs. EQ. Not only can an aspirant Apple worker take notes and learn from the VP, this steer is necessary for managers and businessmen looking to build the best team feasible by leadership.

When she takes your interview, her first mission is to see how the candidate sitting in front of her sees themselves in the world. Do they have an ego or self-esteem? If yes, how big it is? Do they get-up-and-go to benefit themselves or does it surpass onto others? Do they prefer personal victory over the whole team’s success?

You can think, Ahrendts is looking for motivation and leadership traits, and how the person can connect with others. IQ vs. EQ is more business-driven technique Ahrendts asks if the person go head over heart, or if they naturally think or feel first. This gives her knowledge about how one will act in challenging circumstances.

LEFT BRAIN vs. RIGHT BRAIN is fairly of a mixture between the two, a deeper detection pertaining to how someone makes their decisions at times, being their instincts or by following facts and figures, if they think creatively, and what makes them glad and happy in life, whether it is their passionate hobbies or even own kids.

In the end, her 4th area of focal point, YESTERDAY, TODAY &TOMORROW, covers everything together by asking if he or she looks for past tendency of accomplishment, if they prosper on transform and how they see the future. After a significant amount of time consumption together, Ahrendts doesn’t leave the applicant waiting or hoping like typical companies, she lets them know at the spot if they’re appropriate for the company or if they’re not right for the position.

And one more interesting to know is Apple Company gives you dummy or fake tasks to complete to check if you keep their secrets.

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