3 Important Sources to Earn Money From Blog

How to Earn Money from Blog?

There is a easily understandable link between making money from blogging and your daily routine life. Do you remember when Wall Street was meltdown? If not then ask from the people whose life style is still disturbed and unable to recover past losses. Only some of us could count on steady lifelong employment. Two income families is the standard in America but it still demolishes your daily life. You are so fucked up when you come back to home from office; therefore, you are left with less energy and short time to sit with family. Your social life is also no more social. It turns to office life. There are many people who do more than one job to make more money, just think about their situation.

This is How We Earn From Blogging

Now-a-days blogging or BlogSpot seem so conventional activity because of the wide use of Internet. Having a Blog for income generation is not the only purpose but chances are still there to earn enough income from blogging.

Ways of making money from blogging

If you are to set up a blog or you have already set it up then it’s good for you. Make your priority of providing valuable content to the world so that you could make a expert and good status of your website in the eyes of readers. Everyone should have another or extra source of earning because your conventional job can be in complicated circumstances.

Google Adsense

This is easiest and most secured way to generate income from Google. Their rates are very high and you can make enough money because of this. As you can see its name, it places ads on your website. Ads of what? Google has so many business partners who give money to Google to place their ads on websites. How to do with Adsense is not difficult you just need to copy and paste a kind of code somewhere on your website and you are all set to go.

Don’t worry about the link between your readership and ads quality. Google is prime network among the networks. They will give you the option of choosing of websites so that your readers could be attracted. Just keep your content valuable.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is another money making program for bloggers. It’s long term and Seattle-based program run by Amazon.com. In today’s world Amazon is biggest online retailer. That places ads of its products on your site. It gives up to 8.5% rate for your commission. Your visitors click on their desired product and then they are directed to the Amazon website to buy. Product ads will be according to the theme of your website.

There is only one caution here, this program suits people who write about shopping related content, merchandising and retail products. Logically it will enhance what you are doing already and you don’t need to do something different.

Creating Information Products and E-books

Your website is kind of free source of information to the readers (content should be valuable) meanwhile it shows your expertise to them. A time comes when they become your fan to read what you publish. This is the time you can launch an E-book and recommend them to read. All of your fans will go for that book. Make sure that you don’t present in the book what they have already read on your website. Not free users but paying customers can be upset with old information. Later on, you can also ask your traffic by polling option what they want to learn about and on what subject they want to read another E-book.

All above mentioned ways are beneficial to you only if your website is optimized for Google. Learn here how to optimize it.

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