A Specific Massage May Cure Your Diabetes

How to Cure Diabetes?

with diabetes to participate in this activity or is it contraindicated. This article will look at this matter. The first step is to ask your medical doctor to encourage you on the safety of this activity for you and your health. By reading this article you may have some conversation points for your discussion. With doctor’s consent and a recommendation, some insurance companies will bear the cost of a massage. Other insurance plans may have a list of chosen providers for therapy. And if you go to one of them, you can get a considerable discount and others will not bear the cost at all. Massage may be costly or out of pocket so ask what the rate will be.

 A Specific Massage May Cure Your Diabetes

Feasible Benefits of Massage

Do you think of massage as a comforting time where your difficulty just seems to dissolve away…? For many of the people with diabetes this is factual. There also may be extraordinary benefits for an individual with diabetes to consider.

A Specific Massage May Cure Your Diabetes. Massage helps to lesser blood glucose; some people with diabetes report a drop in blood glucose of 20-40 mg/dl.  The delights of massage may decrease in hormones that are connected to stress and anxiety which may cause this important drop in blood glucose levels.

Therapeutic massage will boost up circulation. People with type 2 diabetes can get help from massage with increasing the effectiveness of insulin which will help lower blood glucose levels in the blood. If your doctor approves, therapeutic massage may be helpful for people with diabetic neuropathy.

Massage may ease problems with range of motion and increase flexibility for the people with diabetes. It may help to reduce muscle tension and blood pressure.


How Can Diabetes Patient get Healthy Massage

Absolutely consult with your doctor to see if this is for you. Ask to your doctor, what types of massage would be useful if permitted. There are approximately 100 types of massage accessible.

Deep tissue massage may be contraindicated for patients with neuropathy. If you are not able to feel pressures so you cannot give response to the therapist. Other types of massage such as stone-massage may be injurious for a person with diabetes due to the friction and warmth applied to the skin. Ask your medical professionals for assistance on what would be suitable for you.

It is advised to only go to a certified and licensed massage therapist. In the United States of America, the necessities for license differ. Generally incorporated are requirements that the therapist pass a course of study in massage therapy, complete a specific minimum of practice hours. You should ask to see their certificate from the state to ensure they are licensed.

Tell your massage therapist you have diabetes decease and the special concerns you have. Your therapist should be well-informed in skills of working with people who have diabetes.

If you on insulin injection; tell your therapist not to massage the area if an injection was just given. The medication may be engrossed more rapidly if this happens.

Do you have healthy skin or what? Do you have any injuries or fragile skin…? If your skin is fragile massage may not be a suitable idea for you.

Test your blood glucose level before massage and make sure it can fall 20-40 mg/dl. Tell the therapist why you are here and what are you doing here. Tell him/her what happens to you when your blood glucose goes down. Carry a regular juice package or soda to drink during the massage session to sip on if you need it or make sure you have glucose tabs. Test your blood glucose level after the massage to make sure it is not too low after getting the massage. You are reading A Specific Massage May Cure Your Diabetes.


Decrease your Blood Sugar Level Using Lady Finger

This way is tried by many people and even it cured them. This way cannot harm you or there are no any side effects if you are thinking because this is 100% natural. It is done using a single vegetable called Lady finger. But, you are advised not to rely on it with closed eyes, keep checking your glucose level while you are using this measure. If you see that you blood sugar level stays normal then you should keep using this method and leave medicines that always harm your stomach.


How to do it

Have 2 or 3 lady fingers and boil them. Drink this hot and boiled water thrice a day. Drink for a week and keep checking your glucose level meanwhile. It’s very effective.


Other Cures for Diabetes

Foot Massages for once a week can cure your diabetes.

Coconut Oil is also helpful to cure your diabetes, take a spoon of coconut oil early in the morning, when you are about to leave your bed. Your stomach must be empty.

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