Most Important Steps To Choosing The Right Men Suit

How to Choose Right Men Suite

Men’s fashion is a growing field enormously and it becomes less and less acceptable for a man to come to work or to an interview in an ill-fitting suit (actually I’m not sure that is always acceptable). The UAE is responsible for incredible brands, tailors and designers from around the world, as Ascots & Chapels, so there is never an excuse for the lack of availability and with these 5 simple steps to choose the right combinations there is no excuse for lack of knowledge. So to make it simple, here are some Most Important Steps To Choosing The Right Suit for Men when selecting a costume.

Most Important Steps To Choosing The Right Men Suit


Do You Know Why are You Buying This?

The first step is to know what you are buying the costume (and not just because we say you are being guilt in it). A suit will be useful for many different occasions, but you should always have a clear idea of what you want before you do shopping. If you need a suit for work, then it is best to choose a classic cut style rather than more likely. Opt for a simple two-piece suit in a subtle dark color, it will constantly versatile so it can be paired with different shirts and different links. A suit for an interview or an important presentation is usually best kept navy blue and paired with a subtle touch of color in the tie; a little more daring, but always reserved and professional.

You Must Choose the Right Fabric for You

Even in the hot weather of the Middle East most quality costumes are made of wool, you can get cotton linen and silk costumes but they can wrinkle easily and tend to make you look like an extra from Miami Vice (the version of the 80s not even the sequel). It is probably best to stick with wool and sweat, but always make sure you have a good quality cotton shirt under your jacket if it will be more sweat suit at the end of the day. Feel the fabric of the suit and Gage what you like, if the material bounces with little or no sign of wrinkles then it is a good sturdy quality tailor’s call it Guts. You definitely want a suit with guts.

Here Are The Details

Once you know the type of costume you want and have found a good fabric you will need to examine the details of the combination that complement your shape and construction. A three-button suit is really on trend and looks great medium and larger built while a two-button suit will compliment all body types especially those of us with a shorter torso. One button and double-breasted suits are a more contemporary look and ideal for those with a lightweight chassis, these are probably not the costumes you wear to a job interview… but would look great in a cocktail. You are reading Most Important Steps To Choosing The Right Men Suit.

Winds reverse and trim will all add to your personal style suit and it is best to choose those that complement the rest of your wardrobe. For example, colored jacket liner is a subtle way to reveal your personality, but will match most of your shirts so it does not look like you actually have multiple personalities.

When it’s the Right Fit

It is useless to shopping for a bathing market, the money saved on poor delivery quality suit would be better spent on a costume that not only lasts longer, but looks and responds best while you wear it. Therefore, you should always get fitted for a costume and make sure it makes you look good in all the right places.

The shoulders of the jacket should be square with your shoulders if they bend or leave dents in the fabric and the shirt is too big. The sleeves should not go below the wrist than in the past the thumb otherwise it will look like you are wearing jacket old dad. If they are too long then get a smaller size.

You can also Get it Tailored

We are all different shapes and sizes and no amount of trial and error will result in a finding that perfect combination hanging on the rack it always pays to have your amended by a good tailor suit. The main areas have altered the sleeves to ensure they reach only the hinge of your wrist, and the length of the pants. Do not let your trouser leg too long because it will have too many piles or Pause. For those of you who are taller and thinner than the rest of us, have the sides of the jacket made so that the contours of your torso better.

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