How To Catch iCloud Photos and Videos Library On Your iPad

An old iPhone App, My Photo Stream was being used before, which was Apple’s first effort at photo sharing system across all iOS devices and while it did the work; it wasn’t the most competent system. Photo Stream sent full-fledge sized pictures to all devices but since this could rapidly eat enough storage space and photos on the stream would vanish after some months. Now, join iCloud Photo and Videos Library. Apple’s latest photo-sharing system saves photos enduringly on the cloud and allows your iPad or iPhone to share pictures and videos more proficiently.

 How To Catch iCloud Photos and Videos Library On iPad

You can also see the iCloud Photo Library on your Windows-based PC or MAC. But first of all you must turn on the iCloud Photo Library service on your iPad. Whereas technically still in beta you can fully use iCloud Photo Library as long as your iPad is updated to the newest version of iOS. For the people who don’t know how to turn on this service, here’s how to turn on the service and How To Catch iCloud Photos Library On Your iPad.


Tap on ‘Setting’ icon on your iPad.

Keep your eyes on left-side menu and locate ‘Photos and Camera’ by scrolling down.

Tap on ‘Photos and Camera’ and “iCloud Photo Library” will be there so just select it and turn it on through tapping the slider.

Below the ‘iCloud Photo Library’ You will see the option about how do you want to download them. An option of “Optimize iPad Storage” will be there to download thumbnails when your iPad is low on storage space, but don’t worry you will still be capable to see the complete photo by clicking on it in the Photos application. Option of “Download and Keep Originals” will download all photographs, but it will also suck most space.

Nothing like the old Photo Stream… there is nothing unusual you need to do to see iCloud Photo Library stuff and videos on your iPad.  Videos and Photos taken on any other Apple devices are downloadable and storable in your iPad’s camera roll precisely as if you took the photo on your iPad.

If you have a Mac Machine you can also use the Photos application to see them the same as on your iPad. Both Windows-based PCs and MAC can use to enjoy the photo library.

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