Yes You Are Creative Too This is How To Be Creative

The concept of creativity can never be old as it always emerges with time. Technology has gone far away in this century and the people related with it need to be more creative. And of course, they are becoming more and more creative with the need of time but interesting thing is how they are becoming more creative. This is time of e-commerce and entrepreneurs have begun to make unique work and make things up as they go. Problem arises for the people who are not naturally creative, how they will stand up among the crowed of creative people. For those, we have managed following tips with creativity and they just need to understand them.

Yes You Are Creative Too This is How To Be Creative

Do Nothing

Believe me, I’m serious. Just do nothing even when you are busy, almost always busy. You know what you just need to grab a holiday to do nothing sitting at a pool or, if possible, at the beach. If you can’t go away then atleast isolate yourself at home or at some pool inside your home for a day or minimum 5 to 6 hours. Creativity can’t be happened if all of your time is only sufficient for your assignments and other official stuff you do daily. Because of there is no any enough room left behind for creative thoughts as your mental space is already showing a tag ‘Houseful’. It needs to be empty and you are the only one who can do it by managing your routine tasks.

Don’t worry if you get a little bored. Be with it and start feeling bore. It’s possible you may ask yourself what the hell I’m doing and why…and this time ideas pop up in mind so keep doing nothing until magic happens.

Note it Down

Ideas don’t come daily so you need to capture them in the form of writing. You should write atleast 3 pages in the morning about whatever comes in your mind. Throughout the time or even day wherever you are, if anything comes to your mind just write it down regardless of its significance and importance it may seem like this in start but don’t forget about writing. Most of the times ideas kiss your brain when your mind gets into a meditative state doing some activities like showering, gardening, driving and cooking. At that time, the subconscious is free and able to think anything. That’s where the fruit is.

Think About Your Dreams

Your dreams are your everything not just time waste activity. They should be come true because they are not meaningless. You should study and learn about your dreams to interpret them into some meaningful form and you could become next Einstein who had a dream as a teenager and discovered the Theory of Relativity afterwards.

The sewing machine discovered by Elias Howe was also a result of dream and inspiration from the movie The Terminator.

James Watson discovered DNA and the double helix also with the inspiration of his own dream.


Laughing is something that’s not include anything serious but believe me people have studied and found that people with good sense of humor are more creative, and this is something serious. Ok, you can test it yourself, just listen something funny you like and take a exam, your scores will be high. This is also proven fact.

Most of the people are creative (think creatively) when they are relaxed. According to the employers, funny people are valuable for jobs because they have ability to think out of the box. Thinking out of the box helps in solving more problems.

Well… don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be comedian or joker in order to be creative. You should raise innovative part of yourself you may have left somewhere in your past issues. Stop worrying about your past and remember who you are and what you can do. Be loyal with yourself.

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