12 Most Stunning and Stylish Men From Hollywood

They are amusing, worthy male Hollywood stylish men. They are those chunks who like to stand out when they come over the red carpet at awards shows or movie festivals. They are those bad-asses who look gorgeous as hell on the magazine covers like Esquire GQ. They are those sexy men who are changing the game with their sense of style and natural charisma without even trying. I’m not kidding, I believe they are self-photoshopped naturally or transported by aliens from Mars to occupy the Earth. Anyhow, these ethereal creatures do know how to dress and have good appearance.

 12 Most Stunning and Stylish Men From Hollywood

Stylish Jared Leto

He is a man who does both rock acting and music. It’s not a top-secret that his style advancement are beyond the limits. Constantly evolving fashion habits and Leto’s standout appearance make his personality even more charming. This heretofore long-haired handsome rebel has an ability to control fashion moves, succeeding and updating them all at once. He was number 1 in “Fashion Most Wanted” list.

Johnny Depp

He always copes to have the most eye-stopping appearance. His style is ingenious and entirely individual. Rolled-up sleeves of oversized dress-shirts and grimy boots instead of sneakers make him stand out from the crowed always. No wonder this delightful man has the talent to bring some fashion sense to the table. No matter how hard he tries to amuse us from his spectacular looks by pretending to be an unconventional owner of a Chocolate Factory or wearing on some crazy pirate outfits.

Robert Downey Jr

Although, He is not an iron man in real life but he is a stud in his real life. He is the most charismatic men we’ve ever seen on screens. He is not just an actor, he is damn skillful. He is singer and songwriter, comedian and producer too.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a style icon simply in his every move he plans to wear from baggy jeans to tuxedos. Even though he is updating himself so fast but still, he is genius in the art of making his every look sophisticated and unbelievable. He is simply an icon of American style.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley is not a model and he doesn’t even look like one… however it’s another cause to love him. In my view, I couldn’t help but included him in the list of my celebrity likings. “The Hangover” star has a proclivity for wearing chic suits. No wonder he always looks like a million bucks every-time.

Will Smith

He used to wear baggy jeans, long sleeved flashy graphic shirts and mismatched outfits back in the day. The “Fresh Prince” has really come a long way to transform into one of the most stylish men in Hollywood. Whatever Will Smith wears it always makes him look classy and graceful, and all he has to do is be delightful, it’s his clandestine defense I guess.

Chris Pratt

Pratt always goes for lively outfits with a stout touch of modern feel. Not surprising that he knows everything about style and he’s already entered Marvel and Jurassic Park worlds.

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey never forgets how to look stunning on the red carpet. And it doesn’t even matter what a big actor he is. It’s all about the way he really knows the art of looking spick and span. He is a family man with an elegant wife and three children. I’m sure, whole family knows how to get glammed up for real.

Ryan Gosling

Gosling is a well-known director, actor, musician and even writer. He knows how to possess stylish appearance concerning the red carpet styling and GQ photoshoots. Ryan’s style feelings are so nobble that even fellow male actors can lose mindfulness. The only apparent reason to repudiate the fact that Mr. Gosling is the most fashionable Hollywood actor is jealousy.

George Clooney

So what makes this iconic personality fashionable? I guess the word STYLE must be his middle name. It’s more than dresses he garbs, it’s all about the way Clooney conveys himself and how self-assured he is in his own style and skin, and who he is. I am damn sure George has a hidden power to make any outfit look profligate and classy.


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