Coming Soon and Must Watch Blockbuster Movies in 2015 Summer

Hollywood Blockbuster Movies 2015

It seems that 2015 is the year inventiveness dies in the Hollywood industry. Every time, summer-time marks the period when all the prime films get released. This time, it’s mostly well-known faces on the list that we’ve seen before. An enormous 11 of the total titles on this list are follow-ups, prequels or remakes of older hits. I suppose Hollywood is banking on reminiscence or notable names to rack in the cash. Don’t get me mistaken, I’ll still throw off the money to go be critical and observe if they did their franchises fairness. Here are the Coming Soon and Must Watch Blockbuster Movies in 2015 Summer.

Coming Soon and Must Watch Blockbuster Movies in 2015 Summer


Melissa McCarthy hasn’t gained my whole faith yet as a lead role. Nonetheless, I have the greatest confidence in Paul Feig who is the writer and director of SpySpy is all about a desk-bound analyst who gets thrown into the fast-paced planet of worldwide intelligence or espionage.

Awkward Fact: This is the 3rd Feig-McCarthy teamwork after the pair made in the Bridesmaids and The Heat.


I guess some community like this sort of stuff. If creepy movies are your craze, then you’ll be very pleased to see this modern-day reboot of an old classic. As for myself, I’m ok with watching comedies and actions films with all the lights on all around, thank you very much.

Awkward Fact: They had Plastic-made skeletons as props unlike real ones in original Poltergeist but originals were cheaper.


 Awkward Fact: Fun Fact: The director was originally supposed to star Reese Witherspoon and Ben Stiller but the pair had to depart due to scheduling clashes. Cameron Crowe used up 4 years re-working the script with immature stars.

Inside Out

Awkward Fact: The last time Mindy Kaling & Phyllis Smith and Bill Hader all worked jointly was on an episode of The Office.

Insidious: 3rd Installment

Awkward Fact: This movie is not in fact a sequel; it’s a prequel to the foremost two films.


Awkward Fact: This is the first Judd Apatow big screen that he is just directing and didn’t write it. Amy Schumer was the writer.

Fantastic Four

Awkward Fact: This is the first time that ANYTHING will be formed in computer-generated images rather than be carried to life by prosthetics & make-up.


Awkward Fact: A few years before, there were gossips or even rumors of Eminem starring in a boxing film as a follow-up to 8 Mile. Unhappily, it never came to execution. Fortunately, the script distorted & adapted and starred Southpaw. Eminem still did the film’s soundtrack.


Awkward Fact: Hi Game Of Thrones fans; you may want to watch this one. It also stars Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage!


Awkward Fact: The film is based on the themed-land Tomorrowland at Disney theme parks. Nonetheless they were required to modify the name of the parks to Disney Project T because of copyright matters with the music ceremony Tomorrowland. In the USA, the carnival was enforced to change its name due to Disney.

San Andreas

Awkward Fact: Due to the latest earthquake in Nepal… the film has reorganized its marketing techniques and is now energized more towards serving to educate public in case of an earthquake. A very big portion of profits will go towards helping the sufferers in Nepal.

Straight Outta Compton

Awkward Fact: O’Shea Jackson Jr exhausted 24 years doing studies for this role. Therefore, he plays his father, Ice Cube.


Awkward Fact: The previous and original title of the flick was Loomis Fargo; it has been changed after the bank robbery where $17.3 million was stolen.


Awkward Fact: The movie is all set to be released on June 5th. On the same day there is birthday of the show’s producer and the movie’s producer Mark Wahlberg.


Awkward Fact: Director Pierre Coffin provides voices behind all 899 minions. That sounds remarkable, but not that tough when you really think about it.

Pitch Perfect 2

Awkward Fact: The big screen not only includes Elizabeth Banks presenting her role as Gail but she also directed the film.

Ted 2

Awkward Fact: Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson have worked jointly in The Dark Knight Rises, Lego Movie, and will do the same in upcoming Ted 2.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Awkward Fact: Tom Cruise is quite the adventurous guy. He performed all of his own driving stunts for the movie, but he was injured six times throughout filming. He is not just the artist but also a man.

Terminator Genisys

Awkward Fact: There will be at least 2 more Terminators after this installment. Paramount Pictures has already green-lit 2 sequels regardless of how good or bad it does at the box office.

Jurassic World

Awkward Fact: If you saw the trailer then you’ll evoke the Gallimimus stampede scene. That was captured at Kuoloa Ranch, About 200 yards away, from where the previous and famous stampede scene was filmed in Jurassic Park in 1993.

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