7 High Class men watches seen in Hollywood movies

Wearing brand watches or any other product in the movies or on TV is called product placement and advertiser costs the manufacturer a pretty hefty sum. In some cases, the dialogues of the actor includes the name of the brand, which commands high dollars more advertising.

Of course, if you have an A-List actor attached to the project, and the owner wants the star to wear their item or product the actor will be involved in the approval process. After all, it is the role and reputation of celebrity actor has everything to do with good results of the advertising campaign. While everything is so commercial, and not as feature film, the extra income to help pay the exorbitant production costs that accompanies all these action movies.


7 High Class men watches seen in Hollywood movies


Once the player approves the use of product placement, the wardrobe team is involved in determining how to integrate the watch or watches that are advertised in the regime wardrobe.

The group must also include storyboard watches in shots. Most likely the advertiser pays for 1 to 5 seconds of close-ups on the clock and that does not happen by chance. It must be included in the choreography of the script for the film crew will know when and where to do it. You are reading 7 High Class men watches seen in Hollywood movies.

So you can see integration of products in movies and television requires a lot of thought and planning. As you will see in these photos, the placement of the wristwatch is much more subtle than promoting products like a box of Cheerios. If you have not noticed product placement, you may be found subliminal messages without awareness. Although most of the time, the intention is for the product to stand out… not blend in.

We have gathered some of the best investment products wristwatch we could find and many are presented in our favorite action movies. After you take a look at the line-up, think about how much these timepieces you think you may have noticed while watching the movie. Check out these 7 High Class men watches seen in Hollywood movies.


Watch Name: IWC Aquatimer

Movie: Miami Vice

Price: $ 5790

Jamie Foxx wore an Aquatimer IWC Schaffhausen during many scenes in the film Miami Vice. It is a little hard to spot, but with Foxx Aquatimer revolves around throughout the film. This particular model fit well with the action, because it is water resistant, self-winding and elegant look for any occasion. There are cheaper and the Aquatimer line models, however, we believe this is the model that Foxx wore during filming.



Watch Name: Hamilton Ventura XXL

Movie: Men in Black

Price: $ 1,345

We love men in black series and if you take a look at this plan, watches the two actors are displayed. Ventura is a cool watch and was made in limited edition by Hamilton. Both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is the same model Ventura, which is considered the most iconic of American history since it was first introduced in 1957 and was a favorite Elvis.




Watch Name: Omega Seamaster

Movie: Skyfall

Price: $ 5950

James Bond and the high-end watches are a natural combination. In the latest Bond film, the Omega Seamaster Professional coaxial is the one choice. Of course, Daniel Craig is a spokesman for Omega as he gives the brand that class, robust image piece. Omega Watches have appeared in seven Bond films so you should definitely get a return on their advertising placements.




Watch Name: TAG Heuer Monaco

Movie: Le Mans

Price: $ 6520

Steve McQueen was a well-known after playing roles in large scale as Le Mans which McQueen plays a race car driver at high speed. The TAG Heuer Monaco is also a star in this film. The watch was only a year old when he was placed in the film. Housing is water-resistant square is part of its unique charm, with blue dial. This model has remained a favorite over the years.





Watch Name: Breitling Chronomat 44 B01

Movie: Friends with benefits

Price: $ 7500

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were co-stars in this film with brilliant onscreen chemistry. Although the two had a credible relationship on screen, they are just friends off screen, without benefits. However, another thing that shone in this film was the Breitling worn by Timberlake. In the scene above, Justin is correctly displayed Breitling Chronomat B01 classical 44 while he was deeply focused on its Internet browsing.



You are reading 7 High Class men watches seen in Hollywood movies.


Watch Name: TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Chronometer

Movie: The Lincoln Lawyer

Price: $ 11300

The winner of an Academy Award in progress, Matthew McConaughey wears the TAG Heuer professional appearance while using its legal sense and sex appeal while at the same time. The Lincoln Lawyer was the beginning of the show and brown alligator leather strap and silver dial are flashed by the wearer, which provides wholesale opportunities in the film.




Watch Name: Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph

Movie: Fast and Furious 6th Installment

Price: $ 17500

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker & Dwayne Johnson played in the sixth installment of the franchise Fast and Furious and so did the Jaeger-LeCoultre. This timepiece is called Extreme Shows which means it can handle all the high-speed action film puts out.



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