Great Things to Remember for Becoming a Dad

List of Great Things to Remember for Becoming a Dad

Fatherhood…? It’s the minute when you go from telling others how late you were out previous night to boasting about how many hours your infant slept. It’s also the minute you realize your normal-everyday Wife is in fact a superhuman in mask. So let’s start this Dad-venture of 10 things that no one tells you such Great Things to Remember for Becoming a Dad.

You Will Be Late Comer Everywhere All The Time

Prepare to be late for office and all other activities… never guarantee to be somewhere at a particular time and forget about meeting deadlines, you won’t believe, for example this article is also late by a day but that’s what happens when you’re being parents. Your usual or typical day has a set schedule and you know where you need to be at what time but you know what? This is not gonna happen anymore.

Have Flexible Buddies

You know when you thought you’d meet your friend at the Sunday? That is also not gonna happen and you need only those friends around you who understand that. Your family takes main concern or priority and sometimes your unbelievable damn wife deserves that additional hour in bed or a night out with her girls which means you need to take stance and be there for your child.

The Backseat Of Your Car Will Be Nasty

Are you used to get your car washed three times a week and consistently keep the interior looking fresh all the time? Forget that and welcome to the rear seat of doom. Be it pacifiers, soft toys, rattles, milk-soaked bibs or muslin cloths…. they’ll all take up residence on the rear seat of doom.

You Don’t Need To Be Tired Anymore

Let’s suppose for the purpose of this point that your Wife is the key care giver and staying at home to take care of your baby, while you’re pulling a long shift at office on the back of only some hours’ sleep. You can’t wait to get home ASAP, get dinner and fall asleep watching TVIt’s our nature to communicate how we feel to the closest around us and sometimes that means telling people that we’re exhausted and tired. Just don’t make that blunder with your Wife. You might have had a uneven day at work, but she has had a much tougher day than you keeping a human alive and finniest is she’s allowed to be tired.

Operating A Pram Needs Phd In Engineering

Purchasing a pushchair is one of the main decisions you’ll make in the build up to your child arriving. Is it the right height or how many wheels? Would you like to have 3-in-1 travel system or a standard pram? Your Wife has answered all of these questions in one of her late night staring at you, so you’ll just pretty much agree and nod. I can highly recommend investing in a light and easily collapsible travel system; it’s worth the additional money and will provide you well for the first few years of your baby’s adventures.

Baby Clothes Can Never Be Folded

A normal sized heap of laundry will take you 3 times as long to fold if it’s full of baby material and finally you’ll forget about folding it and end up filling it into the wardrobe like you’re not in favor of the clock on a game show. Your little child will shortly be growing out of those sweet little new-born items and into 0-3 month clothing, so be ready. It’s easier said than done but wardrobe administration is the key to a happy and simpler life.

You May Unintentionally Hurt Your Baby And Feel Like The Most Awful Parent Ever

It will happen for sure. You can be the most cautious and controversial parent on this planet but it will surely happen. Focus on the incredible job you’re doing for the other twenty-three hours and fifty nine minutes of the day.

You Can Never Change Your Baby’s Diaper, Just Stop Trying

In your whole time on this earth you have never once given it a 2nd thinking, but as soon as your baby is born it becomes the thing that irritates you the most. Like how there are no changing facilities in the men’s community bathrooms. All the nappy changing amenities are available inside the women’s bathroom only, totally out-of-the-way to us guys. However, diaper must be changed as soon as possible.

It’s All Totally Worth It

Well… so this is what people will tell you but it’s true. Even with all of the annoying things that come along with being a father, being your child’s dad is life’s most worthwhile and rewarding experience. All the parents think they’re doing it wrong in the start. Don’t worry if you put a diaper on backwards, they’ll live. Just be careful about not to hit them in the head with the TV remote while watching your favorite show.

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