Grammatical Difference Between War and Battle

Difference Between War and Battle

Humans are emotional because they can think and they can make others think so they have feelings and when one hurts one’s feelings then people get emotional and sometimes people fight with each other. The both terms War and Battle are related to the fight, no doubt there is the Grammatical Difference Between War and Battle, but it is generally said when you fight then don’t think weather it is war or fight. Your success does matter while you are fighting. The difference between the War and the Battle is similar to the difference between the military and the army.

A war is a period of armed conflict between the countries and it goes on for long term period. We can also use war to refer to intense economic competition between countries or organizations, like a trade war between the European Community and the United States now looks inevitable. A war can be in any shape like in political shape, a trade war. It is kinda long term process as If you make war on someone or something that you are opposed to, you do things to stop them succeeding in what they are trying to do. Have you ever heard about the cold war? Why it is not a cold battle?  It is because a cold war is a long term process which runs between the countries for many years. Normally war has no any defined time limit. On other hand battle is the short term and it is directly referring to the fight, the fight with hands and weapons. It is the situation of Do or Die. Battle is the part of a war. People or countries, at last, come to the battle after going through a long term process of war. When a war has been going between the countries for so many years, then at last, a day comes when they fight with each other. War is kinda bigger and long term process and fight with hands or weapons is not included in it while a battle is something that people do very hard or they fight intensely. A war is between husband and wife because marriage is a long time suffering.  See also the earlier post, the difference between the Military and the Army as it is relative topic. This is not just dictionary, we enhance your vocabulary in a better way so you could be so right among others having complete knowledge.

You were Grammatical Difference Between War and Battle


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