Grammatical Difference Between Broad and Wide

If you are a student then check out your notebook… on your notebook, if there is much gap between the lines on the page then what do you say about it? Would you say it Broad lines notebook or Wide lines notebook? It’s kinda confusion situation here… these two words have same meanings but there is Grammatical Difference Between Broad and Wide up to some extent that is very important to know for the correct usage of these words. Actually, it’s very important to know when you are in some sort of English test or hanging out with well educated people.

Grammatical Difference Between Broad and Wide

according to the grammar, We use wide when we want to talk about physical distance and the distance that you can see and understand like Distance between two objects… the distance between two things


The mouth of cave was very wide

The aircraft was too wide to fly between the twin towers

So, on the notebook you can see the distance between the lines and that is also physical and understandable so that is wide lines notebook.

English Grammar says, when we use ‘Broad’ then we mean the distance in expressions these distances are neither seen able nor physical like we say ‘Broad Minded Person’

Broad is commonly used in poems when the poets talks about broad valley, broad river so we can easily say this word is also used in Abstract sense…

Before the time you feel bore I think this is enough to know and by the way it is the only difference between them…. I’m not gonna mind if you comment on this article but I know you will not do so.

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