Things To Leave If You Are Getting Married In Next Few Months

Marriage is something where two people ruin each other’s life…oops…sorry…*typing error*….I mean, where you change each other’s life. You give up something for her and she does the same (actually she doesn’t). Marriage is the reason of divorce because many of us resist to the changes in ourselves and it increases divorce rate in our country. As we all know this is our lives biggest decision (or mistake) we every make. Therefore, we should not leave any stone un-turned to make this relationship working forever. So, I felt writing this article for saving relationships for as long as it is possible. Yes, this one is also true that we save relationships by appreciating common habits or traits and accepting differences. But, how many differences one will accept? So they should be less. You should not be ready only for wedding shopping but should also be ready for marriage.

So here we go with Things To Leave If You Are Getting Married In Next Few Months.


Lying Habit

It doesn’t matter and even no one wants you know that how many times you lied to your friends or with your ex-girlfriends. It was your past, and we never share past when you already know it can disturb your relationship (but make sure that on one is also gonna tell her anything). People do such mistakes, they share everything and face consequences in the long run. So forget your damn past and start speaking truth to everyone so that you could speak the truth wife your wife easily. Learn speaking truth or learn how to hide things without telling a lie. Learning ‘How to be single and happy’ would be awkward.

Being Lazy Is Also A Crime

Your future wife is lazy or not but she’s never gonna tolerate this habit in you. Copy-pasting the wedding ring on her finger doesn’t prove that you are not a lazy kind of guy. Keeping relationships smooth and working is hard. Be quick from planning a romantic date to keeping yourself in shape.

Don’t Be A Momma’s Boy Anymore

Now you are your wife’s boy, I mean she is your girl man and would be a wife in future. She needs an independent person so that she could depend on you. Did you ever hear that the term ‘Momma’s Boy’ has ever been used affectionately…? Well… I don’t think so. You are not wrong that your mother is an incredible female, but, listen your future wife is not any bitch. She is also an incredible lady if you make her feel for the rest of life. And, your mother raised you to be a man for any lady not to be a momma’s boy always. If you are still dependent then being unmarried is not that bad.

Don’t Blow Your Money

Accept this bitter fact that you are gonna be married soon. Of course, she doesn’t want to see new gadget in your hands every month but she wants your hand giving her money to fulfill her necessities. You can’t be selfish anymore, there’s someone in your life, and we say it ‘wife’. Keep your life up to your standards but your money is hers too. This care will also contribute in making you a Good Husband.

You Are Not A College Student Now

You live your life like you’re still at college in 30s, you think it’s cool? No it’s not. If your room or house still looks like a mess then sorry you are not allowed to share it with any lady. Keep everything where it should be. Your house should be clean at all. It must not disappoint her when she sees it.

Playing Games

No, don’t get me wrong as I’m not talking about tennis, soccer or cricket. I’m hitting the games that you still play on your mobile or other gadgets. This habit suits us in high school. Here, you are not high because you can understand what I want to say.

Don’t Show Your Feelings Every Time

How you feel and what you feel is your own problem, fix it or live with it but don’t share it. I’m not saying you should hide emotions or things from her, but every emotion is not shareable. You can share with her about your feelings but when it’s not that negative. You are not watching Friends with Benefits.

No Complaints

Constant complaining leads to quarrels between two of you. If you aren’t good with something that you can’t change then start living with it. You can’t change her irritating mother or you can’t just ignore paying dues for anything. If you think you can change something then change it instead of complaining.


You are jealous of what? For her beauty or her richness? Or the reason may be she thinks smarter than you or she makes better decisions. Common man, she is your wife and you should be happy about her every trait. Because, everything would be beneficial to you in the end. Such things about your spouse are to be happy not to be jealous. If she’s not the reason for you feel jealous about things all the time then settle down your issues and emotional baggage before you say ‘I do’.

Don’t Take Forever To Make Any Decision

If you’re erring and umming while making every decision in your life then how are you going to make the decision on who to live your rest of the life with? Thinking is good but make sure it doesn’t bring you nearest to the due date.

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