Carbon Fiber, Kevlar Monocoque and Aluminum Super-car Falcon F7 for Men

Falcon F7 Car

Check out made in Detroit the Falcon F7. A super-car frivolous and lightweight monocoque chassis made from aluminum, Kevlar and carbon fiber combines with a Lingenfelter-built double turbo V8 pumping out 1100hp to provide it a 0-60 time of just 2.7 seconds and a summit speed over 200 mph and sideways acceleration over 1g. Additional features comprise a six-speed double clutch transmission with Brembo carbon ceramic having built-in iPad mini for music controls and a detachable targa roof panel. Its Price tag shows $195.000 or more. This is how we describe Carbon Fiber, Kevlar Monocoque and Aluminum Super-car Falcon F7 for Men.

Carbon Fiber, Kevlar Monocoque and Aluminum Super-car Falcon F7 for Men

Super-car Falcon F7 Body: It is total lightweight carbon fiber/kevlar panel structure. This comprises all on the outside fuselage panels as well as inside and structural panels for utmost quality and durability and weight savings of this super-car.

Super-car Falcon F7 Chassis Layout: It is also lightweight and enormously rigid Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and Kevlar monocoque chassis.

Super-car Falcon F7 Engine: Lingenfelter built double turbo V8 rated at 1100 HP. It also includes dry sump oil system.

Super-car Falcon F7 Gearbox: Having a Heavy duty and high-quality performance 6 speed transaxle with double disc clutch system.

Falcon F7 Weight: It is lightweight having 2850 lbs.

Falcon F7 Suspension: Penske High-Quality performance coil on pushrod suspension.

Falcon F7 Brakes: Brembo Carbon/ceramic disc brakes, 6 piston 15.5” rotor Front. 4 piston 15” rotor Rear.

About Wheels/Tires Falcon F7: Our Super-car has Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires… 20”forgeline wheels specific for Falcon (10” front 13” rear)


Aluminum Super-car Falcon F7 Accessories:

  • It has Leather-interior with billet gauge surrounds and knobs
  • It contains four speaker CD stereo with additional Bluetooth option to make hands free calls
  • Built-in iPad mini to control music library, GPS and other systems.
  • High-Class Air conditioning system
  • It has Power windows and an ignition that does not need Key.
  • It also has folding roof panel for party goers.

Other Main Features Aluminum Super-car Falcon F7:

  • You will also enjoy its Dry sump oil system
  • Its Carbon Fiber dual plenum intake system will also rock your mood
  • It has high quality Gasoline swirl tank inside
  • Uncovered carbon fiber weave all through automobile together with underside of hood, inner doors, wheel wells, storage boxes, deck-lid structure sill panels, front spoiler and door sills
  • Long-lasting woven fabric infused compound fuselage
  • Frivolous forged aluminum-control arms and spindle knuckles at all wheels
  • ISIS wiring system and management system
  • Incorporated roll hoop
  • Lightweight and High performance adjustable and racing style leather seats

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