Don’t You Dare Do These 6 Things When Meeting Women

Have you ever been out at the bar and thought to yourself; today I’m going to show ladies I’m the coolest guy around? Well we came up with a top Don’t You Dare Do These 6 Things When Meeting Women and if you learn these inside and out, you’ll be the coolest and smoothest guy around… or at least a little less inexperienced. Here we go…


Don’t You Dare Do These 6 Things When Meeting Women


In Hangover

It’s significant to observe a little self control when going out for hangout in the bar to try and meet ladies. Being slack drunk and slurring your words is not a fortune for anyone of you. When seeing women around it’s very imperative to be appealing and confident, not so loud and over-confident. Keep it stylish and classy and go easy on the pulp.


Stop Dancing filthy

No doubt, Women love a man who knows how to dance anywhere, but they don’t really dig it when you sneak up behind them on the dance floor and try to start a grinding meeting without their say-so. Rather than sneakily approaching them, try to have natural smile on your face and ask for a dance. You might get turned down but at least no any other women may look at you thinking you’re the creepy one.


Having a Bluetooth Audio Device on ear

Let’s be sincere and honest with ourselves, the only suitable time to wear an earpieces is if you’re driving your car and trying to have safe journey, so when you are leaving your car, keep it in the car. You would be expecting that having an earpieces makes you look like a big and important business man, but you know what? All it makes you seem like a douche used cell phone salesman. If you need to make a call kindly use your Smart-phone.

Showing Negativity

No woman wants to date a Debby Downer… having positive attitude and having a good outlook on life is a great way to catch the attention of women. Being mean or making oblique compliments are never good looks, and neither is always argumentative. Women want a man who is considerable confident and who will be pleasurable to be around being plain and simple. You are reading  Don’t You Dare Do These 6 Things When Meeting Women.


Using Pick-Up Lines

Even though pickup lines can be fine for a chuckle, and also a great way to break the ice but the majority of them are very cheesy and copied or unoriginal.

Smelly and Bad Breath

Nothing spoils the mood more than trying to whisper sweet and humorous things into her ear and having her gag for the reason that your breath smells like road-kill. Bad breath is a colossal turn off believe me or not. Therefore, avoid whiskey and beer, and enjoy the vodka when at the bar. Brush your teeth and also use mouthwash. It’s very simple to not have a stinky mouth smell, so grab some chew gum and you are on your way.


Be Smart not Liar

It’s not about the women only even nobody likes a liar. If she can’t trust you then there’s no any good reason for her to stick around. Even though most women like that bad guys type but however, being a liar is not tempting at all. She wants to be able to count on you and a lack of trust can ruin her wish at all. Remember! There’s a clear difference between telling her you’re staying out with your friends to enjoy even though you’re not, and telling her a slight white lie when she asks if this outfit suits her.

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