Milk Is Not All Good For Health, More Than Half Glass of Milk Daily can Harm You

Disadvantages of Milk

Milk comprises a range of nutrients including phosphorous, calcium vitamin B12 and magnesium. Government guiding principles say adults need almost 700mg of calcium a day while a normal glass of semi-skimmed milk holds 247mg. The Dairy Council states the advantages of milk as plummeting the risks of osteoporosis or breast cancer and heart disease. Milk is the only drink other than water that dentists recommend to have among meals.

Milk Is Not All Good For Health, More Than Half Glass of Milk Daily can Harm You

Nonetheless, current research threatens milk’s goody. And in this regard Swedish study reported for more than 45,000 men and 61,000 women for between 13 and 22 years. The researchers came up saying drinking more than drinking one glass of milk/day was linked with an raise in deaths and fractures in women and a average rise in the risk for men of dying from heart disease.

Women who drank 2 glasses contrasted with one were 21% more likely to die in study duration, and this rose to 93% for 3 or more glasses of milk and Over the 22 years age of the studies, a quarter of the females died in total. The 16% of them more likely to have a fracture if they consumed 2 or more than 2 glasses/day. There was no extra risk for men. So is it a saga that milk makes bones stronger…? And can a few glasses of milk a day are harmful or good for health.

The Answer

This study doesn’t give evidence of causation. The authors suggest a mechanism for milk’s harmful belongings, its lofty content of D-galactose (sugar), which is exposed to cause inflammation, oxidative stress and ageing in animal research. An ingestion of fermented dairy goods didn’t seem to have any disadvantage, and ladies (but not gents) who ate enough amount yoghurt and cheese which contains less D-galactose than milk, in fact condensed their risk of fractures or dying.

It is prudent to treat this study with caution for several reasons. The study was carried out in Sweden where the atmosphere is dissimilar from that in the UK… and vitamin A is additional in milk there. The study also included on people who are self-reporting how much they were drinking milk, which isn’t always trustworthy, particularly as milk is also inspired in cereals and cooking.

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It can also be tough for researchers to consider all the other issues that augment someone’s risk of dying or breaking their bones. Nutritional guiding principles are improbable to change in the short term until there is more direct proof on the long-term sound effects of moderate milk drinking. The phrase More Research Is Required was made-up for queries such as this.

This is also a daily-asking question by people, is organic dairy good for health? Organic cows are frequently milked in pregnancy, producing milk that’s full of hormones.  Actually, the standard glass of milk has 60 many different hormones in it and these are anabolic hormones which mean they help you to grow up.  But not all growth is good for your health like you don’t want to grow cancer cells if any inside your body.  You don’t want to grow big bellies if it is already in growing stage.  You don’t need and want such growth. Isn’t

Milk Is Not All Good For Health, More Than Half Glass of Milk Daily can Harm You but If you want to eat dairy products, I recommend you try goat and sheep dairy-products, such as sheep cheese or yogurt or goat cheese and yogurt. They are easily and widely obtainable now.  It is also significant to choose organic milk sometimes when you can… because pesticides and chemicals are strenuous in the fat found in non-organic dairy.

You’ll have to keep an eye on body changes when drinking different type of milk in order to know which is best for your body. We all have different and minor changes in our bodies.

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