Difference between Woman and Female

Woman vs Female

Marriage is the important part of life but it is just a part not everything lol… but did you ever think that person you gonna marry with or gonna spoil rest of your life with, is a woman or female?  Is your wife a woman or a female, is your girl friend is a woman or a female, the girl you dated yesterday was a female or woman (by the way, I never consider it I just date them) and who is she, you chat with all the time? You must not be wrong before any well educated person while talking about your partners. So let’s talk about the world’s more interesting difference.

Difference between Woman and Female

  • We always use ‘woman’ as a noun but on other hand ‘female’ can also be used as adjective and noun too, and I think you know better than me about adjective and noun, because I believe that everyone who seeks for knowledge knows a lot…
  • A female can be anything that produces babies; mean to say ‘female’ is used when we talk about gender mostly, but on other hand woman is always a human being like we are. We always say, female dog or bitch, female donkey and female rat. We can never use woman with all these animal gender because woman is always for humans.
  • A woman can be an adult female, but a female can be in both senses. I mean just like a girl, girl is someone who is not adult yet in the same way a female can also be like this but a woman will be always an adult one.

Hope the satisfied answer….. Little things are very interesting sometimes, but only when we understand them.This is not just dictionary, we enhance your vocabulary in a better way so you could be so right among others having complete knowledge.

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