Difference Between Staircase and Stairway

Staircase vs Stairway

No doubt, when buildings have lifts to move within then to hell with the staircase or stairways. But knowing the difference between these two terminologies still does matter, because it is possible that the lift may be in maintenance. That moment is awkward when you come in hurry to go to the upper floor for an urgent piece of work, and you see a notice on the door of the lift ‘Out Of Order’ well.. The stairway or staircase is never out of order even you may be out of order for the staircase. So you can use them at any time. So, why shouldn’t we know the Difference Between Staircase and Stairway if these both are important to us.

Difference Between Staircase and Stairway

A staircase is the set of steps inside the building, means to say any stairs you use within a building for moving up to down or vice versa is a staircase. A staircase may be in a home, school, office building. On other hand, a stairway is also the set of steps but it is not compulsory like staircase to be inside the building. A stairway can also be at outside of the building but for the certain building. Stairway term is used more than a staircase. This is not just dictionary, we enhance your Grammar and Vocabulary in a better way so you could be so right among others having complete knowledge.

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