Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Sales Vs Marketing

Those moments are awkward when you have to view ads during your favorite TV program. We receive many calls from unknown people who talk with us in such a way as we are in a strong relationship with them they try to induce us to buy some services and the products. What do you say about it, are these people marketing their products and services or selling them to you?

Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Sometimes people take Sales and Marketing as same terminologies because the difference is not as much clear as the difference between water and fire. So let’s clear this Grammatical Difference Between Sales and Marketing for better understanding.

When people do marketing they try their best to convert your leisure products into your basic need. How odd it is that you did not know your basic need before 10 minutes, but after 10 minutes we come to know that something was our basic need but we did not know and sales-person just realized us for this. Marketing is about knowing the customers and their needs. After identifying the need a sales representative will do anything to get it done on the spot as he knows it is his last sale to complete his target. However, one will try one’s best to close the sale or get a signed agreement. Usually marketing process is started before the accomplishment of the finished product but sales are totally related to the finished product. We must have finished product to sell it on the spot. Both sales and marketing are very precious to the business. The first process is marketing because we tell people about the product and spread the information even Product is in process. In short marketing includes anything that comes into contact with the customer. In marketing, we convert prospects into the customers and once they are customers then we launch the product. Once the product is launched then we come to the phase of selling it. In marketing people generate leads but in sales they generate purchase orders. During marketing we try for maximum people at once, and in sales we prefer to meet the customers one by one. Marketing is pull strategy but sales are pushing strategy. According to the expertise we don’t need to market the product when it is able to market itself. They say you should spend the money in making better quality products instead on marketing activities because a good quality product doesn’t need marketing, you don’t need to persuade the people.This is not just dictionary, we enhance your vocabulary in a better way so you could be so right among others having complete knowledge.

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