Difference Between Rock Music and Metal Music

Rock Music Vs Metal Music

There is a strange fact of humans that they enjoy the music when they are happy, and they understand the lyrics when they are sad. It is the famous saying that music is the food of soul and this food is available in many tastes. Every soul recognizes its taste and then it becomes its permanent food. When any soul gets the bad taste, or taste it cannot recognize, it gets food poisoning. 😛 I mean to say that tastes of music are the genres of the music. All of us think differently so this difference affects our listening habits. Our different modes of listening are the reasons of creation of all the music genres. Everyone has the own choice regarding the genre of the music. Actually, listening to music totally depends on our mood. No one can stick to only one genre all the time in life.

Life is the mixture of ups and downs and this mixture does really affect listening to the music. How can anyone like rocking or metal music in sad mood? Of course one will like sad music in those sad moments or melody type music will entertain further. On the other hand, when you are in a rocking mood then you would like to listen rock or metal type music so we can say that genres move around the circle of our moods. When you are in a rocking mood and listening rock music but if someone joins you and hears the same music and says it is not rock music it is metal rather. So don’t be confused maybe he/she is right because there is only slight Difference Between Rock Music and Metal Music but you cannot say both are the same. Rock music is the blend or mixture of many earlier rock versions. These versions are called rock and roll, rockabilly, folk rock, blues rock. In 1970s, this only rock got the sub-genres called soft rock, hard rock, metal or heavy metal rock, soft rock, punk rock. Metal is just sub-genre of rock music but the difference appears when you hear the sound. Heavy electric guitar and drums sound produce the typical metal music. Amplified distortion will be light always in rock music. The sound of rock music is not much deeper and oppressive but on the other hand, in metal music all these features are opposite. Thinner and superior amplified distortion makes the metal genre of music and sound will be deeper. High class bass or bass with two pedals is used in metal music that can vibrate the surroundings.

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