Difference Between Public Law and Private Law

Public Law Vs Private Law

Islam is the religion of Muslims and the soul and base of this Islam is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and near to Muslims, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) comes 1st of all even they accept Islam after the acceptance of their Prophet (PBUH). In short Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is everything for the Muslims. A non-Muslim did 5 years research on Islam in Paris and he found that, “Muslims love their Prophet (PBUH) more than Islam. They can bear any attack but cannot bear misbehave or lose talking about their Prophet (PBUH). Whenever they fought the only reason was misbehave about their Prophet (PBUH). Muslims will not show much care even if anyone destroys their families, governments, religious place like Mosque even if someone stops the publication of their religious book Quran. But if anyone tries to say even a single wrong word about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) they won’t even care who you are, how powerful you are, they will not be afraid to crush you to the end. So when there is no love for the Prophet (PBUH) in Muslims heart, there will be no Islam. If anyone wants to finish the Islam then remove the love for their Prophet”.

 Difference Between Public Law and Private Law

In the mid of September 2012… someone from USA made a anti-Islam movie in which they disgraced Muslim’s Prophet (PBUH). It made all the Muslims a united form of protest in all over the world and made everything and everyone disturbed that relates to the USA. USA authorities said that, it is an individual act and we are not involved in it but they did not show any punishment for those who made the movie. And the reason or excuse was that, there was no any kind of law for this kind of act.

The law is a sign of peace and a solution in every part of the world. When the public doesn’t care to be fair in their deals then the law is the only option that can provide the solution. Law is something that realizes you that you are not alone in dealing with unfair people. When there is no law for any deed, that deed becomes the reason of strike. The government who cannot define a law is not a government in reality, and will never find the peace in its country. Law becomes a problem itself when it applies only to poor people. A law must be equal for everyone. Law must not have the concern with the status of an individual. Almost every country believes in the law system so there are basically two types of law everywhere, Public law and Private law. Public law shows the relationship between the nation and its government. The individuals, companies, agencies and all the entities in certain country deal with the government under the private law. When all these individuals, companies and entities deal with each other in a country, all their dealings will come under private law. Under public law, there are further three laws, entertain the public by its government, Constitutional law, Administrative law and Criminal law. All the relationships with the different parts of the government are written in the constitutional document. Every government has set different administrations for the division of responsibilities, and all these administrations are under the government and administrative law defining their relationship set the parameters between them. All the crimes committed by the public like companies and agencies or even individuals are settled under the umbrella of Criminal law. Private law is for all the matters among the public. Like if someone makes a contract with someone and what will be said of law if anyone breaches the duties in the contract.

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