Difference Between Proposal and Offer

Proposal Vs Offer

The toughest task in current times is accepting a proposal or an offer because the people who make offers they think about their own advantage first, then yours. The same scene is with the companies they make many offers to the customers, they propose them so many promotions along with the products and services. Companies always think about their own benefit 1st and we customers are always on the second consideration. It’s simple, when someone proposes a girl for marriage, it doesn’t mean that she cannot live without you; it means you cannot live without her.

 Difference Between Proposal and Offer

Now the point is not to make this toughest task easy but to see that when people propose and when they offer. If they can propose, then why they have to offer. Basically both proposal and offer are used for putting something forward to be accepted, but when we think about the acceptance or when we need the acceptance then the word offer is used. The offer is more appropriate word when you are looking forward the acceptance. Therefore companies make offers to the people for the jobs because companies look for acceptance. Companies don’t need your comments on their offers, they don’t need your suggestions they need you who can work for them. While on other hand, proposal is a suggestion or plan, often a written one, which is put forward for people to discuss and decide upon. For example, There is controversy about a proposal to build a new nuclear power station… Or proposals for cheaper flights to the United States. People or customers just can express something to companies to think about it or they just can suggest something to the companies like the above example, people suggested for cheaper flights for US. Proposals are never for acceptance always. Therefore when you propose a girl you just give your thoughts to think about it or you just suggest her to marry you of course the answer is not ‘Yes’ always. You can call a proposal an idea, people share their ideas to think upon, and therefore every idea is not acceptable. To marry her is your idea not hers.

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