Core Difference Between Police and FBI

Police Vs FBI

The Police and FBI are both the government services. Well, every country got the police force but the FBI is a US government agency. The first and foremost difference between them is related to their timing. When something went wrong anywhere, police has arrived after when everything is done, now if the police force is not enough to solve the case then FBI joins the scene. The police force has to tell others that, Beware! We are the police force therefore they use specific uniform to distinguish their self from others.

 Core Difference Between Police and FBI

The FBI doesn’t take it seriously so they don’t need any uniform to wear all the time. The FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation. No doubt, the police can also investigate the case but normally they don’t find the satisfactory results, even sometimes they are totally blank about how to investigate then here come the FBI. The FBI works at domestic level investigation to cope up with all the threats to the US. Unlike the FBI, police deals with daily street crimes among the public. The FBI comes forward when US state is itself in danger. When something goes wrong public call the police not the FBI. Police come with the sirens so that criminals could run away while the FBI works silently 😛 actually, this stupidity is still going on in every country that police reaches to the crime location with sirens and if any criminal is left there he/she run away. If there is a robbery is going on in any house and someone calls the police. The police arrive with the official or warning noise sirens and if the robbers are still in the house they listen to the sirens while the police are half-mile away. So they give the final touch to the robbery and get vanished. US have many types of Police for different responsibilities. Federal Protective Service, responsible for the government buildings and patrolling, the Postal Police to deal with the posting service or for the protection of postal property, Park Police protects the national parks. Sometimes movies provide the best information about the tasks of police and FBI; therefore movies are another good source to know these authorities.

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