Difference Between Perfumes and Deodorants

Perfumes vs Deodorants

The smell of human’s body is not the new thing, it is as old as human being is and not only human even animals hate this smell. Smelling bad is really considered bad manners even your costly outfit will not entertain others if your body smells bad because of perspiration. People are using diverse kinds of expensive perfumes and deodorants to get the rid of this bad smell…. but let me tell you that there are few people who got the benefit of deodorants or perfumes. Otherwise, deodorants and perfumes are useless for many people because this is the blood problem. People who are not having this difficulty, their socks don’t even smell bad…

People use both the products without knowing the difference between them. No doubt, both are alcohols, being used for the same purpose in the body and cloths but as per two names, Difference Between Perfumes and Deodorants still exists. As the name DEODARENT shows that this spray is something that deodorizes a person or a place where it is sprayed. Little amount of fragrant oils is mixed in deodorants and it really works against the perspiration. Furthermore, A deodorant is just like antiperspirant. Critical antiperspirants are made for the human armpits smell but you can use deodorant anywhere on the body.

PERFUMES are used for the same purpose and all we know the common difference that we use perfume on the cloths but do you know why it is? It is because of the high amount of fragrances used in perfume. Different kinds of flowers and herbs are the source of fragrant oil and due to the high percentage of use of these oils in perfume sometimes you need to take bath to stop the fragrance. Keeping the difference aside, there is one common thing between deodorant and perfume that you cannot use them on wounded skin.

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