Difference Between Orders and Judgments in Law

Judgments Vs Orders

Courts, Police Stations, lawyers and judges… all these are scary facts to the general people but the gangsters and rich people play with all these personnel. Let me code a real example…

There are three types of books in the world, 1st book you read again and again, 2nd book you read and you like to read it to end, 3rd book that makes you bored while reading and you stop reading it before completion. There was a very famous book in the India and people were forced to read it again and again. It was very interesting and famous book in India. The name of that book was ‘Yadon Ki Baraat’ and if we translate its name in English, we can say ‘The Memories’. But the reason to code this real example is not the book but its author.

Difference Between Orders and Judgments in Law

The book was an author’s autobiography. His name was Maleeh and was a rich man and lived in villages. His richness was inherited because he was landlord and land was given to him by his forefathers. He was lothario; even lechery was also given by his forefathers. But the land that was allotted not only to him but also to his brother was an apple of discord. So, because of this disputed land the author was among many disputes and cases. He faced judges, courts, and police with no care. The reason was that the author was not ready to share the land with his brother so when he denied to share, his brother sued him and dragged him to the court. Judge gave his final decision to divide the land equally but the author denied again. Police caught and jailed him in the case of the disrespect of the court. After completing the period in jail the author was again released to snatch the land and did the same. He snatched it from his brother and captures it again. His brother knocked the door of the court again the author was once again in the witness box.

Judge:   Did you capture the land again?

Author: Being jingoish, Said, Yes!

Judge: Do you even know that you disrespected the court once again?

Author: Answering in the same behavior, yes!

Judge:  I can send you back in the jail again.

Author: I know but no worries, but you need to remember that I will come back again after completing the period and will do the same.

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Judge did the same what he said and gave the orders to send him back in jail for a specified period of time. Author said to the judge to allow his servant to live with him in jail because he feels boring there. 😛 judge said with a smile, we don’t give punishment without crime. Author said to his servant to pee while standing in the court in front of a judge and the servant did. Everyone including judge was astonished Author said that now you can send him with me to the jail as he has also committed the crime.

So, the author was kinda gangster and his brother was not. Author knew how to deal with all these matters but his brother was innocent. The decision was JUDGEMENT and ORDERS of the judge. But there is a difference between them. Judgments are nearer to the final. Normally, the case is closed when a judge provide the judgments. There are no further dates for both the parties to visit the court again. All the punishments are declared for both the parties or for the loser one. All these statements are written judgments in a specified format that is unlike others. All the other things and facts declared by the judge before the final decision is the Orders of the judge. It includes the statement what exactly, the law says in a certain matter or crime or what type of punishment is specified in the law for the certain crime. If cash payment is enough then what are the exact charges. If any party wins then what are the precautions. What is the punishment period in the jail for the party who loses? A judge can give the orders verbally and it can be inked later on by the stenographer. But the judgments are written while a judge speaks.

You were reading Difference Between Orders and Judgments in Law.

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